February 23 Divination Journal – Part 2

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com

Hexagram Tirty – Two/32

Name: Heng.

Keyphrase: Constancy.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Wind.

General: True persistence is a process of constant renewal.

Love: To deepen your relationship you should adapt to changes around you.

Business: You will be rewarded for the effort you have put into your business ventures.

Personal: Focus on self-renewal and make sure you avoid inertia.

Overview: Heng is telling you that the only sure constant in life is change. When mistakes are made in a particular strategy the same mistake is often repeated. It does not show strength of character to formulate the same strategy (even if it has worked in the past). Rather it shows a weakness in your refusal to adapt and change. There will always be obstacles in life. Some may be often repeated. If a strategy that has worked several times in the past does not work now then change your strategy. It is also about inertia and complacency. You should always be focusing on self-renewal and not becoming complacent. Avoid stagnation.


From worldnumerology.com

Thirty – Two

The 32 is more sensitive than other 5s, moodier, and has trouble committing to anything, including relationships.

See also 23…

It loves people and is a freedom fighter, a promoter of causes, but also a quitter, and often unrealistic. More creative than other 5s.


From worldnumerology.com

The most vibrant, freedom-loving of all numbers in numerology

The Numerology Meaning of the Number 5: A DYNAMIC FORCE

The 5 is unpredictable, always in motion, and constantly in search of change.

Although it is molded from an almost equal mix of freedom-loving and loyal characteristics, the 5 is slightly more daring, and there is nothing submissive about it.

The 5 is extremely independent in mind and soul.

For an adventurer and risk-taker who has a hard time staying in one place, one job, or one relationship, the 5 is surprisingly loyal when the right partner comes along.

The 2 and the 6 are known as the most harmonious relationship numbers. Still, both will cheat on a partner when temptation is strong enough. The 5 will not. The 5 may break off a relationship due to their restless nature, but they will rarely deceive a partner. Although, when they are not in a committed relationship, they have no problem dating a different person every day of the week

The 5 generally doesn’t find a suitable career until they’ve tried several different jobs, some barely lasting long enough to warrant a full paycheck. This is especially true if there is monotonous routine involved; boredom sets in quickly for the 5 who simply cannot stand predictable, repetitive work.

But again, the 5 will surprise friends and family once they find their niche. This usually happens after age 30 when their focus, energy, and quick mind help them scramble up the ladder (faster, and with less apparent effort, than those around them).

Many 5s choose careers that require travel or otherwise offer a regular change of environment. People working in the travel industry, small business owners, independent consultants, lawyers, and those in sales often have the 5 in their core numbers.

The 5 can adjust quickly to pretty much anything coming their way.

The 5 is versatile, adaptable, intelligent, progressive, and tolerant. Convention bores them, and they are easily drawn to the eccentrics and misfits of society.

A social creature, the 5 is funny and uplifting, good at making others feel comfortable around them. They are generally well-liked and often surrounded by friends and acquaintances. However, they can also be polarizing, so people that are typically uptight, self-righteous, or judgmental are quickly aggravated by them.

Perhaps the most dominating trait of the 5 is the uncompromising demand for freedom in thought and action.

People with a prominent 5 in their core numbers make up their own mind, rebel against dogma and ideology, and recoil from clubs, cults, and religious sects. Their adventurous, daredevil nature may include riding motorcycles, but they will not typically ride with a large group. Chances are a 5 will be opinionated and passionate about political issues, but will remain independent of formal political parties.

A 5 may change their mind (regularly) but not without good reason. They won’t be controlled but are flexible and can be converted if the argument makes sense. The 5 has a healthy sense of humor and doesn’t sweat the small things. They carry their heart on their sleeve, and it’s not uncommon to give that heart to the wrong person – they are not always the best judge of character.

On the negative side, the 5 can be selfish, thoughtless, and irresponsible.

Rarely considering the future beyond next week, worrying is not in their nature. The 5 tends to procrastinate and can be unreliable. However, their most common downfall is a tendency to experiment with sex, drugs, alcohol, and other addictions. A desire for instant gratification, lack of restraint, and their feeling of invulnerability can be a recipe for disaster.

The shape of numbers reflect their nature, and just as the 4 is square and grounded, the 5 is a symbol of dynamic energy, elastic and constantly in motion.

Angel Number

From angelnumber.org

Three Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty-Three

It is the famous Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen who wins the prize for the best sentence which sums up the content of number 3223.

Ibsen says: “The community is a boat. Everyone must be ready to take control.”

Concretely, Grade 3223 will remind you that survival is our most primitive instinct, no matter how sophisticated we are.

When we feel threatened, we are able to make the most drastic arrangements with astounding strength.

Number 3223 – What Does It Mean?

There are three avenues open to you during this number that closes the second third of your 9-number cycle.

Left and right, you have what are called unstable bangs, opposite extremes. In the middle stands the central path of balance.

And it’s the latter that you’ll need to focus on. Number 3223 will be the number of awareness of your duties and responsibilities.

In the numerology of angel numbers, 3223 is the number of “adulthood”.

During the 3223 angel number, you will gradually feel a strong need for autonomy. You now want to establish your place in the world.

This number is likely to be the number in which you bond with another person, or at least the number in which you become aware that you are responsible for the well-being of another person.

So you’ll have to find a way to strike a balance between your situation and yours, even if it means making concessions.

In fact, the 3223 number is that of adjustments and sacrifices. This goes hand in hand with your new responsibilities.

You will need to show an unusual degree of patience, compassion, empathy and understanding.

Remember that love is harmless. It’s the lack of love that hurts. Some insecurities and complexes will no doubt rise to the surface.

You will have no particular difficulty in assuming them, or even in making them a force. You have evolved, you have grown.

As we have specified about the angel number 3223 this number closes a cycle of 4 numbers.

It is therefore a period during which the being who is in personal angel number 3223 must make a kind of assessment in his life.

Without turning around, because there is no point in living with the past, he has to look back 9 numbers and try to remember the projects he had developed, the initiatives he had taken, the choices he had made.

the actions he had taken, when he turned in number, to see if they had kept their promises and borne fruit and if, flow, showed up to his tasks, and finally to see what his successes and failures were.

This balance is mainly during the first three quarters of its angel number 3223 that he will have the opportunity to establish it.

Indeed, it will be time for him not only to learn from past events and his actions, but also to consider a probable renewal.

For of course the following number will be an angel number 3223, and a new beginning will be possible for him.

But he will be all the more apt to take this new start as he has stripped himself, got rid of it, detached himself from all that no longer has a reason to be in his life, which clutters or hinders him.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The 3223 angel number will give you some social success. Magnetic power is on your side. It will serve you in many ways, but may very quickly pose more problems than solutions.

You will tend to attract opportunities but also dangerous situations.

Look for the problems and you will find them. The power of positive thinking is crucial here: make good use of it.

Replace what is left of your fanciful and utopian beliefs with more realistic designs, in line with your new sense of responsibility.

To solve your problems, favor peaceful solutions without making concessions that serve your interests. He time is on balance and questioning.

This is the number that ends the 9 number cycle. Emotionally tested over the past 8 numbers, you will now be faced with events that will directly depend on what you have sown in the past.

Pay attention: the main components of a new lifestyle will gradually settle into your daily life.

Take advantage of this number of conclusion to settle what is dragging, to finalize a project or on the contrary to abandon a case which becomes laborious.

Numerologists do not advise the initiative in the medium and long term at the risk of encountering failure.

Just make ambitious but realistic resolutions: this will be your roadmap for the next cycle.

On the emotional level, excitement and mild depression will alternate: what could be more logical in a number of assessment where you list your achievements and your failures … Your calculation of angel number gave a 9? Read the following.

Love and Angel Number 3223

Avoid making promises that you cannot keep. Indeed, after having proven themselves by managing their first major responsibilities with flying colors, those who live their 3223 angel number may want to assume certain responsibilities even if they are not their own.

Result: in order not to alter his credibility and his aura, he will gradually abandon his own needs to satisfy those of others. Resentment and frustration will inevitably follow.

Even if you have your own problems, you will feel like you are the advisor to everyone around you.

This goal will be affected by your need to be seen as a reliable and reliable person. For you, it is comforting to know that you are “approved” and that you belong to a certain privileged circle.

To decide with this situation which does not serve your objectives, you must stop judging yourself. You should also stop applying the company reading grid to your person.

Stop seeking approval from others and follow your own criteria. To do well in this personal 3223 number, you will once again have to take stock of your priorities. Prioritizing them is an essential prerequisite for your development.

Interesting Facts about Number 3223

Moments of temporary tiredness, lack of concentration, mood disorders and unstable sleep … you are not at your peak.

If you draw a rather positive assessment of the 8 numbers of your cycle, your relative physical deformity will be counterbalanced by the sweet feeling of the accomplished task.

If on the contrary, you feel that you have missed the boat during this cycle, avoid feeling sorry for yourself and rather prepare for the future by drawing the necessary lessons.

The risks of somatization are increased here because of your vulnerability: eczema, digestive disorders, rheumatism, arthritis and hypochondria can possibly give you a hard time.

Regular and moderate intensity sports can get rid of these health hassles. Prefer outdoor activities to get out of your deep introspection.

On a professional level, angel number 3223 is that of networking! Take advantage of the lull in the office to meet new people from diverse backgrounds.

You will thus prepare the first number of the following cycle to launch your most daring projects!

It’s time to refresh your designs and get up to date with the latest news from the world of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship.

If there are opportunities to travel abroad and your finances allow, don’t refuse. These wanderings will probably lead to great opportunities to be seized in the medium term.

Angel number 3223 is also the number of the completion of contracts, the questioning of partnerships.

Seeing Angel Number 3223

Yet he may also have the opportunity to meet, mingle, or date out-of-the-ordinary beings whose ideas and thoughts are original, and so it is in his best interest to remain flexible and available in his relationships, if he wants to be able to find them on his way.

Finally, throughout this number, he will not be immune to certain internal tensions or external pressures, which may make him excessive, rebellious, or even violent in certain circumstances.

If he succumbs to the temptation to misuse the new benefits that will fall to him this number, through one channel or another, he will inevitably suffer the consequences the following number.

From lords, it can be said that, throughout this number, his relations with money will be of great importance and will be decisive for his personal evolution and his future situation.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

From uniguide.com

Seal Meaning & Symbolism & the Seal Spirit Animal

Seal meaning and symbolism include care, protection, curiosity, efficiency, opportunity, psychic abilities, and other special qualities.

There are 33 species of seals around the world, and they can be found in every ocean, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, as well as places like the Mediterranean, Black, and Caspian Seas. So, many people around the world are familiar with these adorable, doe-eyed marine mammals. As a result, many cultures have myths and folklore about seals and they have important symbolic meanings to many people.

In this post, we’ll explore all aspects of seal symbolism and meanings, including seal spiritual meaning and the seal spirit animal, plus seal mythology and folklore.


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