February 22nd Divination Journal – Part 1

Tarot Cards

Today’s Tarot card reading comes from The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D. J. Conway. With art done by Lisa Hunt. This deck is unique as the cards are never read in reverse. Copyright 2001


Knight of Pentacles – Minor Arcana

Gains and losses.

A teenage girl, clad in a gold breastplate and helmet, stands beside a large dragon on a rocky hill. They are watchin men building a stone house below. The girl has a Celtic sword slung at her belt; beside the sword is a bag with a pentacle on the side. From her vantage point at the gates to the spiritual realm, the girl can clearly see the labor that goes into each life; the labor creates a personal space for the individual, a necessity for the maintenance of individuality and personal identity. The stones of the hillside symbolize primordial power; this symbolization is repeated in the stones used to build the house. There is an unlimited supply of creative, primordial energy upon which any person may draw upon to manifest what it needs in life, if they are willing to put forth the effort. The sword and the bag with the pentacles represent the spiritual strength for defense.

Divinatory Meaning: There could be gain or loss in finances. Salary increase is possible. The chance to purchase real estate may come about. A loan is repaid.


Seven of Pentacles – Minor Arcana

Anxiety; Progress stopped.

A larger dragon lies sleeping in a cave, with seven smaller dragons sleeping around it. Seven pentacles are craved into the stones. Spirals of creation-destruction cover the sandy floor. The opening of the cave can see beyond the dragons, leading to the bright glow of sunlight. Although protection is available, the seeker has not awakened the powers of creation and manifestation within the individual spirit. Those powers are now dormant, their help inactive. Nothing moves within the cave, or the deeply hidden center of creativity. No effort Has been made to establish a firm link within the spiritual realms.

Divinatory Meaning: Progress could be stopped in the middle of a project. Be careful or you may be involved in bad investments. There is a possibility of anxiety about finances. Your effort is spent on the wrong things.


Five of Pentacles – Minor Arcana

Loss; unpleasant differences

A man and a woman walk away from each other, each determined that their way or opinion is the only one. Five broken disks with pentacles lie on the ground between them. These disks symbolize the life, friendship, cooperation, and/or love built between them, now destroyed because of ego and lack of compromise. Five dragons in the sky above them scream their anger and displeasure. Little dragons hiss at each other over the broken disks. The balance of the spiritual forces they have cultivated with their relationship has been upset, turning positive energies and events into negative ones.

Divinatory Meaning: Take care or there may be a loss of home or job. Differences arise that could divide friends or lovers. There may be a period of deep loneliness.


Ace of Swords – Minor Arcana

Decisions; activity.

Baby Fire dragons are hatching out of a nest set among the lower fire vents on the slope of a volcano. A Celtic sword visible behind the nest stands upright and has craved dragons entwining around the hilt. In the background the volcano is glowing and blowing smoke. The clouds are dark with reflections of fire on them. Fire symbolizes physical, mental, and spiritual strength and action. This strength can manifest either as destructive power or regeneration, depending upon the intent and self-discipline of the individual. The sword also has much the same meaning: strength and defense, the power to liberate or wound. Potential for self-destruction is represented by the active volcano in the background. Our lives are often disrupted by cataclysmic events, which sometimes seem to destroy our lives and turn them upside down. If we can learn to harness the fire of these events, we can safely walk through the flames and come out stronger than we were

Divinatory Meaning: You are in the process of making decisions that will affect your life for some time. A new period of cycle of much activity is imminent. Beware of activity without thought.


From therunesite.com


Sound: “m”
Stands for: Man (as in human, not gender)
Color: Blue (Purple)
Casting meaning: Mannaz has many powers. First it is a rune that lets us know we can achieve our fullest potential. Secondly it reminds us that we, as humans, all have shared experiences in life. Lastly we can use the power of this rune to gain the upper hand in disputes and arguments

Witches’ Rune

From summergoddess.wordpress.com

The Star

This rune inindicates the realization of a dream that has been extremely meaningful to you.

When picking this stone you can expect the crystallization of long-term dreams or plans and the presence of higher power.

Drawing this rune promises several fortunate developments in your life, possibly shattering your preconceived notions of what your life should be.

Now is a time when you will be dissatisfied with the ordinary.


From learnreligions.com


Luis corresponds to the letter L in the alphabet, and is associated with the Rowan tree. This symbol represents insight, protection and blessings.

The Rowan tree has often been associated with protection against enchantment and magic. Rowan sticks were often used to carve protective charms on, and hung over a door to prevent evil spirits from entering. The berries, when split in half, reveal a small pentagram inside. The Rowan indicates protection, as well as knowledge and insight about what is taking place in your surroundings.

Luis Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: Keep your awareness high, and go with your intuition when it comes to the people and events in your life. Trust your judgment, and don’t allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Magical Aspects: Keep yourself true to your spirituality, staying grounded even in times of doubt. This will help protect you from that which might bring you emotional, physical or spiritual harm.