Spell for Today – How to Create a Self-Love Spell Jar with Honey and Lavender

(Side Note from Lady Beltane: I never used spell jars in my magickal path until a few years ago when I saw the remarkable success that Lady Silver Sage had with one when she was looking for her twin flame. She had a few oops with men she had met until her wonderful now husband came into her life. I now have done spell jars for many purposes.  have a spell jar for helping wishes to come true, another for a steady income (which I am undoing to do a prosperity jar instead. Spell jars can be used for many intentions.)

Self-Love Jar and Other Self-Love things from spells8.com

What can you do when you feel you’ve exhausted all other avenues to create the self-love you deserve? The love that you give to others so freely and unconditionally comes naturally to you, but when it comes to self-love, you’re stuck with negative self-talk and belittlement. Often, we can get caught up in pushing to find what we want – whether that’s more self-love, a relationship, friendship – rather than allowing the universe, the magick, and our intuition to guide us to where, and who, we are meant to be.

If this sounds like you, then this article is destined to helpLove spells are incredibly powerful at helping to attract love of all kinds. Sometimes you might think you desire romantic love, but really what you need is self-love. The love spell that follows can be tailored to your needs, but most importantly, remember to stay open to the possibilities that exist for you. You never know what could be waiting for you around the corner when you least expect it.

There is a secret beauty that exists in spell jars, or spells of any kind really, and that is in the belief. When you believe, you will see magic happen. When you trust, you will receive what you desire. Much like manifestation, spells connect with a similar energy to help you to create the life you desire.

The other wonderful thing about creating spell jars, in particular ones for yourself, is that the simple act of creating them helps you to slow down, focus on your intention, and create a mindful pocket of time just for you. Many times in making spell jars, I’ve found my worries wash away as I become more connected with myself and the present moment. The powerful results that follow once the jar is done only add to this magickal experience.

Why self-love?

It is the core of all that you are. Self-love is the thing that can change your life in so many ways – from your relationships, your own love life, your career, your opportunities and your mental health. When you love yourself unconditionally and always, you can thrive. When you can master the art of self-love, although it is a life-long journey of inner growth and development, you’ll feel freer to be who you are meant to be.

The Self-Love Spell Jar

The self-love spell jar is all about helping to boost your inner confidence, help you to improve the way you see yourself, and allow love to flow through your body and soul. The ingredients that go into a self-love jar can differ depending on your individual loves and your needs, but the recipe given here is a really great place to start to help you cultivate the self-love you’ve been missing.

Even if you feel as though you have a lot of self-love, sometimes it’s nice to give it an extra boost, to reconnect with yourself for a cherished moment, and to remember just how brilliant you are. So, use this time when you’re creating it and carrying it around as a mindful moment of reflection.

The Self-Love Chant

As you’re making your spell jar with mindfulness and reflection, using a chant or mantra can help to infuse the jar with additional power. One thing we love to do is write the chant down on a small piece of paper, roll it up, and place it into the spell jar. Doing this, you can carry your meaningful words around with you to boost the effects. The self-love chant goes like this:

In this jar I place my love.
Abundant love for all I am, all I have been and all I ever will be.
In this jar I place my love,
I carry it with me,

You can, of course, change the words to fit how you feel in the moment. Making it as unique to you as possible will only enhance the effects of the jar, so go wild and get in touch with your witchy side! We hope you find this self-love spell jar and chant powerful. Remember, it’s all in the intention with which you approach the creation of the jar, so the more you can connect with and enjoy the process, the more you’ll feel the effects.


Self-Love Jar Spell

Recipe by Francisco Huanaco

Craft this Self Love spell jar for happiness and confidence. Making this jar is a self-love ritual on itself, and it will help you assert boundaries and an overall deeper connection with yourself.


  • Lavender – for calming anxious thoughts and encouraging kindness to yourself

  • Rose Quartz – known as the love crystal, it is particularly effective at boosting feelings of self-love

  • Honey – used as a magical sweetener, encouraging kind and sweet words and thoughts

  • Jasmine – used to help inspire pure love for yourself

  • Rose Petals – dried or fresh for promoting love in your life

  • Clear Quartz – for clearing negativity and allowing for mental clarity

  • Pink Ribbon – used to seal the jar, pink is the color associated with self-love

  • Small Jar or Container – if you want to carry it around with you we recommend using a little one that can be stored in your handbag or even attached to a piece of cord and worn around your neck


  • Begin by cleansing your spell ingredients and your space.

    It’s important to make sure that each ingredient is cleansed before putting it into the jar with intention, so use either smoke from herbs or incense and immerse each piece in the smoke for a few seconds. You can ask for help from the Universe or your guiding angels to help clear any previous energy – in particular from the crystals – by saying ‘I ask that this crystal (or other ingredients) is cleansed of any previous energy and is placed in this spell jar for my highest and best intention’.
  • Add each ingredient to the jar individually.

    Begin to place each ingredient in the jar of your choice. It’s at this point you want to really connect with yourself and be mindful of how you’re approaching the task – slow, mindful, intentional movements, whilst repeating the self-love chant, is the most powerful way to do this.
  • Seal your jar using the pink ribbon.

    We recommend using some pink or red tape or cord and as you’re sealing it up, use an intention to infuse the jar with more self-loving energy. If there’s a specific aspect of yourself you feel you need to direct more love to then you can specify this. For example, ‘I choose to love my body exactly as it is right now and be gentle and kind to myself every day’. For a more broad intention, you could say something like ‘I direct love and kindness to myself every day, I am loved and I share love freely with myself because I am worthy.
  • Let the jar do its work.

    Carry the jar with you during the day or place it somewhere in your home that you see every day. Allow the energy and self-love to flow into your life!
There are many ingredients you can include in your self-love jar but we’ve picked our favorites for targeting self-love in our recipe. Feel free to change up the ingredients depending on how you’re feeling when making it – the beautiful thing about creating spells this way is you can really tap into your intuition when doing so and follow what feels right in the moment.

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