As We End the Week of Remembering Lady Abyss, I leave You with These Words…

I chose to honor Lady Abyss’ memory this week by reposting some of her wisdom, humor, and the fount of inspiration her posts brought to so many of us. I have decided that she share so much information over the years to dedicate every Sunday to bring some of those posts to light again because of the excellent things we can learn about witchcraft from WOTC’s founder and my muse to continue her work for the Goddess. To that end you will be able to read some of the posts that are from way back in our archives. I hope you have enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with me as much as I have enjoyed bring these posts I choose to you dear WOTC family and guests.

Lady Abyss or Lady A or her full pagan name Lady of the Abyss has been on my mind a lot this month. I would have been on the phone with probably more than once a day asking for help or just venting. So, I decide I am going to honor her memory by reposting Lady A’s original posts for some of our regular daily posts. She was a virtual font of knowledge. As I can afford it, I want to purchase some of the books she used for posts on WOTC.

For those of you who have joined the WOTC family after about the middle of June 2019 did not have the pleasure of knowing her, so I am going to tell you a little about this fantastic lady and witch.

Lady A founded WOTC in 2004 when the world wide web was just opening to individuals to start websites. She once told me that the Goddess had called her to do this work and so she did. She was all alone posting about witchcraft when she started out. Because she came so forcibly out of the broom closet back in the day, she received numerous hate mails and even death threats throughout her 20 some years bring the Goddess’ message to people around the world. She received the last death threat a mere month before she crossed the veil. One of the main groups that kept threatening her was ISIS. Much to her dismay she found out there were members of that group only about 20 miles from where she lived in Kentucky.

She was born as far as I remember her telling in the hills of eastern Kentucky but moved to around the center of the state as a young woman. Her style of witchcraft stemmed from her birthplace and family.

May she continue to walk by my side and help me bring meaningful things about witchcraft and life to you for however many years I have left to run this website.


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  1. I have quite enjoyed the posts shared from Lady Abyss, and Feeling the Energyies she raised in you with each post. POsting her thoughts and words is a Beautiful Act of remembrance. Thank You for sharing her with all of us :^)

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