2023 Divination Journal

This is what you might expect in 2023:

Tarot Cards

(Lady Beltane chose the Ace card of each suit and its corresponding element are placed in this reading by listening to her Spirit Guides that help her with all card readings. If you are interested in a card reading, please click on Readings by Lady Beltane on the main menu.)

All the cards are from A Guide to The Celtic Dragon Tarot by D. J. Conway with illustrations by Lisa Hunt. Copyright 1999-page number for each card will appear under the specific card. All cards are from the Minor Arcana. The information for each card is directly from the guidebook with no part of the readings done by Lady Beltane because it is not a personal reading. This deck corresponds to the elements different than most tarot decks do. Also, there is no upside down meaning for any of the cards. (SIDE NOTE: This is Lady Beltane’s favorite tarot deck because she gets her clearest reading from them and has worked with them since they were first released in 2000.)


Ace of Wands (Element of Air) Pages 58-59

New beginnings; new cycles

Baby dragons are hatching out of a crystal nest in the clouds. A crystal topped wand is visible in one of the baby’s claws. One of the babies is fully hatched; another almost hatched; a third can be seen with just the eyes visible through the shell. In the background is a rainbow coming out of stormy looking clouds. The crystal nest is a symbol of the internal “hatching ground,” the subconscious place where desires and ideas come together to produce the energy and enthusiasm needed to manifest material results. The crystal-topped wand represents concentrated spiritual energy, the last and most important ingredient to manifestation. Crystal reflects all colors of the rainbow when light is shone through it. The rainbow, both in the crystal and in the clouds behind the baby dragons, is the bridge between the material and etheric worlds. Humans frequently find themselves in different stages of accepting and implementing new ideas. Some receive the ideas with enthusiasm, while others are still strugglingly to break free of restrictions of old cycles of life. Still others are afraid to expose themselves to the new experiences.

Divinatory Meaning

New beginnings are now possible. This is a good time to start a new cycle of life. Fresh ideas come to you from unexcepted sources. An adventure is on the horizon.


Ace of Cups (Element of Water) Pages 114-115

Joy; fertile period

Baby dragons are hatching out of a nest floating on the waves of a gentle stream below a waterfall. One hatched baby is looking at her reflection in the water, while another leans contently against her. A third baby is struggling out of its shell, while a fourth is settling itself for a peaceful nap. All humans, at whatever stage of life, begin their seeking for spiritual and/or emotional growth and knowledge with the naivete and innocence of children. They are innocent of the difficulties and perils that may lay ahead ant at the same time enthusiastic to get started on their journey. Some get caught up in admiring themselves and what they believe they can do, while others are content just to bask in the sunlight and lean on others. Still others struggle through obstacles and become stronger for this. This struggle is reflected in the faces on the rock. The waterfall and chalice are symbolic of the endless stream of lives the proceed from and return to the Goddess and God.

Divinatory Meaning

New beginnings in your life will fill you with joy and contentment. Your spiritual growth will expand and take you to a higher level of understanding. There is the possibly of new love. This card can also herald a possible pregnancy, so take care if this is not what you want. This can also foretell a fertile period for ideas.


Ace of Pentacles (Element of Earth) – Pages 142-143

Material success

Three baby dragons are hatching out of a nest set on a rocky cliff with a tangle of bare trees and roots about them. Representing the Earth Egg, or pool of physical possibilities, this card symbolizes the fledging energies awakening to a new cycle of existence or experience. The events in life are as bare as the trees at this point, but hold the unseen ability to burst forth in joy and happiness (leaves). The events in life (trees) are rooted in stability (rock), their roots running deep into the past of this lifetime, or even into past lives. A vine clings to the tree in the foreground, symbolizing fertility of thought, word, and deed. A five-point star is clearly engraved just below the ledge that holds the nest, representing the underlying protection that is always available if we only become aware of its presence. In the distance is a rugged mountain, the gateway to the spiritual. From the beginning point in a new cycle or journey, it is difficult to determine how the mountain will be reached and what it will offer when we get there. The seeker must awaken from spiritual slumber and make an effort before the desired goal can be reached.

Divinatory Meaning

A prosperous cycle is now beginning. Material success is now within your grasp. With little effort, this time could be the begging of a profitable career.


Ace of Swords (Element of Fire) – Pages 86-87

Decisions; activity

Baby Fire dragons are hatching out of a nest set among the lower fire vents on the slope of a volcano. A Celtic sword visible behind the nest stands upright and has carved dragons twining around the hilt. In the background the volcano is glowing and blowing smoke. The clouds are dark with a reflections of fire on them. Fire symbolizes physical, mental, and spiritual strength and action. The strength can manifest either as destructive power or regeneration, depending upon the intent and self-discipline of the individual. The sword also has much the same meaning: strength and defense, the power to liberate or wound. Potential for self-destruction is represented by the active volcano in the background. Our lives are often disrupted by cataclysmic events, which sometimes destroy our lives and turn them upside down. If we can learn to harness the fire of these events, we can walk safely through the flames and come out stronger than we were.

Divinatory Meaning

You are in the process of making decisions that will affect your life for some time. A new period or cycle of much activity is imminent. Beware of activity without thought.



Eihwaz represents the Yew tree and its everlasting nature. The Yew may bend, but it does not break. You are on the right course and have the strength and ability to meet your goals. Congratulations!

Witches Rune

The Moon

Keywords: Change.

Meanings: The “x” marks represent the four main phases of the moon and so you can expect changes to happen within the next 28 days. This is a particularly feminine stone and often appears in response to questions about women’s issues. The Moon rune is a messenger. It is telling you to be aware that major changes are coming to your life. Consult the runes closest to it to determine whether those changes are negative or positive.


From learnreligions.com


Beith, or Beth, corresponds to the letter B in the alphabet, and is associated with the Birch tree. When this symbol is used, it is representative of new beginnings, change, release, and rebirth. In some traditions, it also has connections with purification.

Birch trees are hardy. They’ll grow just about anywhere, including on bare soil. Because they tend to grow in clusters, what may be just one or two seedlings now can be practically an entire forest in a few decades. In addition to being a sturdy sort of tree, the Birch is useful. In days gone by, it was used for infants’ cradles, and is still harvested today to make cabinets and furniture.

From a magical perspective, there are a number of uses for Birch. The branches are traditionally incorporated into the construction of a besom, and are used for the bristles. Use the white outer bark in ritual in place of paper or parchment–just be sure you only harvest the bark from a fallen Birch tree, not a living one. Ancient herbalists discovered that various parts of this tree can be used for medicinal purposes. Bark was once brewed into a tea to fight fevers, and the leaves were used alternately as a laxative and a diuretic, depending on how they were prepared.

Beith Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: When this symbol appears, it means it’s time to get rid of all those negative influences you’ve been carrying around with you. Figure out what things are bad in your life, which relationships are toxic, and find a way to leave them behind. Instead of being dragged down by the negative, focus on the positive things you have in your life, the blessings and abundance. Use these things as a focus, rather than the harmful or damaging ones.

Magical Aspects: Consider the property of renewal and rebirth, as demonstrated by the Birch. Use this as a tool for spiritual and emotional regrowth, and developing your own ability to regenerate where there has been emptiness or devastation.

I Ching

From psychic-revelation.com

Hexagram Twenty/20

Name: Kuan.

Keyphrase: Observation.

Formed By The Trigrams: Wind over Earth.

General: Remaining alert to all that affects you and those around you will help you to understand your role in the world.

Love: This could be a time when you are feeling isolated. Make the effort to go out into the community.

Business: Refamiliarize yourself with the needs of your customers and clients. Go out into the community and meet with them.

Personal: Travel is a good way to combat any feelings of isolation.

Overview: Ku reminds you that although it is always wise to watch out for problems it is possible to become somewhat detached from reality by doing so. When concentrated on to the exclusion of all else there is a danger of the spirit becoming undernourished. Perception may become distorted and dangers go unnoticed. Isolation (meditative or otherwise) should always be balanced by traveling out into the community. Assessing the world both from afar and close up will give you an accurate assessment. If this advice is not followed you will only see a part of the overall picture.

Hexagram Twenty-Three/23

Name: Po.

Keyphrase: Splitting apart.

Formed By The Trigrams: Mountain over Earth.

General: Before beginning a new enterprise you should wait for the collapse of the old one.

Love: Your current relationship or an issue within your relationship should be abandoned.

Business: Your current business direction has become difficult and it should be revised at the very least, or abandoned if revision is not possible.

Personal: Serious thought should be given to backing away from any situations that are troublesome.

Overview: Po is a reminder that no matter how strongly something was originally built it will eventually disintegrate with time. Once the “foundations” have been undermined it is only tenuously held together. Such a situation is no longer worth trying to save. Although it is always difficult to give up on a situation do not waste time on formulating a new plan and direction. The disaster implied by Po is not the situation itself but the failure to react to it and regain your balance and direction.


Look for a separate post for what the core numerology number is for this year

From worldnumerology.com


Overly sensitive, intuitive, and vulnerable to criticism. It has emotional problems and can be unstable. It can show weakness and cowardice in the face of challenges but is also highly resilient and a survivor.

Twenty – Three

It loves people and is a freedom fighter, a promoter of causes, but also a quitter, and often unrealistic. More creative than other 5s.

Angel Number

Click here for more information about Angel Number 2023 from sunsigns.org

Two Thousand Twenty – Three

You keep wondering about the significance of 2023, which appears regularly. Asking you to remember this carefully, Angel Number 2023 wants you to know that looking at a situation in front of you and finding a creative solution is a great way to tackle anything you encounter. You will be able to really see yourself learning and getting done the things that matter most.

Angel Number 2023 Spiritual Meaning

What does 2023 mean spiritually? It shows that it would be excellent to become more creative to tackle everyday challenges effectively. Try to come up with better and fresh ideas that will change your life for the better. Furthermore, you need to embrace an open mind and practice new ways of doing things.

As you keep seeing 2023 everywhere, it signifies that you need to ask God to show you your real purpose and help you realize your dreams. Your divine angels are saying that you are well equipped with fantastic potential, and you need to use your creative skills to better your life. Try to keep a more active spiritual life to gain access to divine ideas that will transform your life even better.

2023 Symbolic Meaning

The 2023 symbolism implies that it would be wise to think differently to ignite your innovation. Thus, triggering more and more splendid ideas every day. Indeed, most of the successful innovations in the world came from what seemed crazy at the beginning. You, too, need not dismiss…

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Click here for more about the spiritual information about the Phoenix from sunsigns.org


Phoenix Animal Totem Symbolism

The mythical phoenix spirit animal is the keeper of the fire in all of creation. It signifies transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.

In this sense, it never truly dies; rather, it is an immortal creature continually rising from the ashes. All of its attributes stay on theme with these ideas. In addition to the above-mentioned traits of power, transformation, rebirth, and life, the phoenix spirit totem is also widely regarded as a prominent symbol of season, coherence, longevity, imagination, and protection.

Native American Symbolism of The Phoenix

The Phoenix animal is a global symbol of rebirth. The Phoenix is a unique bird that has no mates, nor does it have young ones. Most people believe that the Phoenix legend originated from Greece. The Phoenix symbol was first established on the Great Seal of the United States. This was back in 1782. It took some time when the symbol changed from the Phoenix to Eagle.

The Thunderbird is what the Native Americans called the Phoenix bird. The Thunderbird of the native Americans was large, red, and colorful. It held great significance in the Native American Culture. It is believed and that Thunderbird had strong and wide wings that when it flapped and beat them, the same caused rain and thunder.

Since the Phoenix animal totem was associated with weather patterns, the Native Americans would use its feather for healing and magic. The feathers were also used in rituals that brought about abundant harvests to the natives.

The Phoenix Bird In Dreams …

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