How to Cast a New Year’s Eve Protection Spell


New Year’s Eve is a liminal time where the energies around us are more susceptible to change. As we look upon a new year full of possibilities and opportunities, it is important to start off the right way. Protecting ourselves, our family, and our space is something essential to do before we commence into the new year.

A New Year’s Eve Protection Spell can be a powerful tool to keep us safe and supported as we let go of the old year and prepare for the future.

Protection spells are powerful rituals that aim to safeguard oneself or one’s home from danger and harm. It is a fairly universal magical rite, often using symbols such as mirrors or images of guardian angels, to channel protective energies and ward off malicious intentions.

This type of spell often involves the use of charms, talismans and incantations; sacred objects like crystals, herbs and special tools may also be used to assist in the spell’s power.