New Year’s Eve Protection Spell


Correspondences for protection spells include symbolism related to safety and security (lock, keys) elements of the Earth (hiding places like rocks), astrological signs for power (Taurus for steadfast strength, Leo for courage) and colors traditionally associated with purity (white, light blue).

This type of magic attempts to create a bubble around its caster in order to protect them from outside forces; it seeks to promote balance while driving away destruction. You can see why protection magic is so important!

New Year’s Eve Protection Spell

As the veil between the worlds thins and the New Year approaches, it is important to ensure that we are protected from any negative energies or influences. This New Year’s Eve Protection Spell will help to create a bubble of safety and security around you, allowing you to start the new year with a sense of peace and balance.

To begin, gather all the necessary supplies.


  • A white candle
  • A bowl of salt
  • A bowl of water
  • An incense burner and incense of your choice
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • Any other items you feel called to use (crystals, herbs, etc.)


  1. Begin by setting up your altar space. Place the white candle in the center and surround it with the salt and water bowls. Place the incense burner and any other items you are using around the candle.
  2. Light the candle and incense, then take a few moments to center yourself and focus on your intention for this spell.
  3. On the piece of paper, write down all of your fears, worries, anxieties, or anything else that you want to let go of from the past year.
  4. Once you have written everything down, fold the paper and place it in the bowl of salt.
  5. Take a few moments to visualize all of your worries and fears being absorbed by the salt, then take a deep breath and let it all go.
  6. Now, pick up the bowl of water and hold it in your hands.
  7. Visualize a protective shield of light surrounding you and your space, keeping out any negative energies or influences.
  8. As you visualize this shield, speak aloud your intention for the spell: “I cast this protection spell to keep me safe and secure in the new year.”
  9. Once you have spoken your intention, pour the water over the salt and paper in the bowl.
  10. Take a few moments to visualize the water washing away all of your worries and fears, and replacing them with feelings of safety and security.
  11. When you are finished, blow out the candle and incense, and thank the elements for their assistance in this spell.
  12. Finally, take a few moments to reflect on what you have just done, and how it will help you in the coming year.

By casting this New Year’s Eve Protection Spell, you are setting yourself up for a safe and secure start to the new year.