Posts This Week

For the rest of this week while I am again getting over a bad cold and fibromyalgia flare each day’s posts will be posted on that day and not the day before in the northern hemisphere. I am giving my body a chance to really rest and get over this virus this time so hopefully it will be the last one for this year.

I am not going to have the posts go live at a specific time like I usually do, they will go up when I feel up to sitting at my desk each day. I am also cutting out some of the regular daily posts for this week. What will be missing are A Laugh for Today, A Thought for Today, Today in History, Daily Correspondences, Spell for Today and extra posts. What will be posted are Birthday and Daily Horoscopes, Moon phase, Northern and Southern Hemispheres Planetary Positions. You can find each day’s correspondences by typing the day you want with the word correspondence in the search box on WOTC’s homepage. You can do the same for spells just substitute the word spells for correspondences.

All the 2023 yearly posts will go up on January 1, 2023. The January monthly posts will go up January 2nd.

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