Spell for Today – Open the Third Eye

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Open the Third Eye

This is one psychic spell you really have to do on a Monday to harness the power of the moon.

  • A piece of moonstone or aquamarine
  • Purple marker or paint
  • A cup of clean water

The day before you want to perform the spell, drop the stone into the water and leave it on your altar until you are ready. Monday night, find a quiet and peaceful place to do the rest of this psychic spell.

Take the piece of crystal and hold it to your forehead, and visualize your third eye opening when you do. Picture the crystal as a magnet, pulling in energy for you.

Set the stone back down and draw an eye on your forehead in the same place with the purple ink (need I say it should be a washable product?). Let the ink dry, and continue your visualizing to open up that eye. Hold the moonstone to the eye you drew, and repeat several times:

Open the sight,

With moon light

Drink the cup of water that had held the crystal, and repeat the chant again. Sleep with the eye still on your forehead, and don’t wash it off until you have to. Chances are, that will mean the next morning before work or school, but if you are lucky enough to not have to worry about that, leave it in place for added power. You should soon start to feel new psychic abilities start to waken up.

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