November 8th Posts and Other Stuff

I will get the regular November 8th daily posts up tomorrow but I am not sure what time. I did a silly thing carrying in groceries Tuesday and pulled a muscle in my back and right leg. Which makes sitting even on the couch hard to stay in one position very long. I will get December 9th regular daily posts done too but again they may be later than usual.

I guess I need to remind myself more that I am in an almost 65 year old body that has fibromyalgia, arthritis, and muscle tone is not as good as it could be not one that is a few of decades younger capeable of doing a lot more physically. But damn it I do not want to slow down. Except the good part of slowing down some is I can spend more time on brain stuff like writing spells, rituals, my family history to pass on to my grandchildren to add to.

Remember there is always something positive to be found in any situation. Just sometimes you have to look deep into yourself to find it.

For those who want to accept the love, comfort, support, and gratitude from me to everyone of you dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests.