Special 25% off on Readings Done by Lady Beltane Offer Expires on December 8, 2022

The prices listed in this article do not reflect the 25% discount. The $10.00 Animal Spirit or Helper reading is not included for the discount. Lady Beltane does a few different types of readings starting at $10.00 USD up to $40.00 USA. Listed on the page “Readings Done by Lady Beltane” are just her more popular readings. Only the tarot card reading is done via Skype. The $5.00 USD live reading fee will be waved for any tarot reading bought through Sunday, December 8th and scheduled to be started by February 16, 2023.

She does a Celtic Lunar Chart for $60.00 USD.

She does house clearing and blessings for $15.00 per room. Attics and one room basements count as one room. Basements separated into more than one room are the same priced as any other room in your home. These are done via Skype.

The last type of reading and clearing she does is to clear your aura and chakras via a full front and back photograph. The initial full reading is $75.00 USD. There is a minimum of two hours which costs $25.00 per half-hour.

If you have bought a piece of jewelry Lady Beltane can do a protection spell on it live via Skype for $25.00 USD.

Great gift idea for that someone you just do not know what to get them or a secret Santa gift or something to look forward to for yourself. Gift certificate can be emailed to you to include in a card.

To pay for a reading just use the DONATION button right here on WOTC. Book your readings now by writing to Lady Beltane at ladybeltane@witchesofthecraft.com

For more information about any of the readings, clearings, or blessings please write Lady Beltane at ladybeltane@witchesofthecraft.com.