I will be Back Today

Although some of the regular daily posts might be posted later than usual, I will do my best to get them up at the usual times. Any missing birthday horoscopes and astronomy picture of the day will be done also. After the daily posts are caught up to date and at least part of the N. H. tomorrow ones are done I will start working usual monthly. I may need to wait until tomorrow to finish the monthly posts. Of course getting all posts done today depends on how long I can comfortably sit and type.

Thank you very much for your encouragement, support, healing energy, and caring about me during another very rough patch in my life. If not for all the positive feedback and energy I receive from so many of you I would not carry on with WOTC website and witchcraft school. Again thank you for being with me and WOTC not only through the positive times in my life but especially for being with me through the negative times as well.

My wish for each of you is that you have people in your life that support you through all the different times in your life. Please know I am one of them and that you can email me at ladybeltane@witchesofthecraft.com anytime about anything. All correspondences go no further than my eyes.

2 thoughts on “I will be Back Today

  1. Thank you, for all the amazing information sent to me. I would just like to say, as someone born ‘on the cusp’, of Pisces/Aries, the beginning and the ending of the astrological cycle. I really barely make it into Aries ,and have often been told that my nature is much more Piscean. This makes horoscopes a little difficult. I read both, have my own take on them , then give thanks for each minute I’m alive, and don’t worry about what might possibly be. I am unusually intuitive as to what other peoples intentions toward me are. I also know that I am part of nature and the universe, and that they are part of me. Blessings.

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