Spell for Today – Psychic Herb Pillow

Psychic spells can help you tap into your natural psychic abilities or help you further develop the ones you already know about.

Psychic Herb Pillow

This is one of the more classic psychic spells, where you sleep with an herbal pillow to help bring on astral travel and psychic dreams during the night.

You can make a simple one with these supplies:

  • Purple or silver fabric
  • Mugwort
  • Flax seed
  • Wormwood
  • Galangal root
  • Lemon balm

If you don’t have all the herbs, at least have the mugwort and the lemon balm. Gather up your herbs and make a pillow. I won’t give you sewing instruction as I’m sure you can figure out how to sew two pieces of fabric together. Just make sure the stitching is tight enough that you don’t have herbs dribbling out.

Stuff with herbs but don’t make it too thick. You have to sleep on this, so it needs to be kind of flat. Slip the pillow inside your actual bed pillow under your head. After a few nights of sleeping on this charm, you will start to remember your dreams more clearly and expect some psychic impressions to start coming through.

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