Living Life as The Witch – Protective Measures

Protective Measures

Anyone who performs spells, rituals, hexes or curses would be a fool not to go the extra mile to protect themselves against the same. Thus, the following protection ideas are provided for your convenience.


Against the Evil Eye:

Hang dill weed over all windows and doorways in the home.

Wear a blue eye bead for constant personal protection. Hang one from the rearview mirror of your car, as well.

Keep a cimaruta (an Italian talisman sporting multiple symbols) on your altar to stave off interference in your magickal work.


Against Nightmares:

Keep a silver bell in your bedroom, and ring it to drive off nightmare-causing evil spirits each night before you go to bed.

A small dish of coffee beans kept by the bed staves off nightmares.

Rosemary plants placed near the bed shield against unpleasant dreams.


For Safe Automobile Travel:

Keep a whole ash leaf in the glove box for magickal protection.

Keep a tiger’s eye in the vehicle to protect against accidents.

Hang a mojo bag filled with wormwood and plantain from the rearview mirror to prevent negative spirits from taking on the position of co-pilot.


Against Malevolence in the Home:

Once a month, use a sprig of rosemary to asperge all thresholds with a mixture of 1 tablespoon of saltpeter to a gallon of water. Pay attention to the front and back doors.

Place aloe vera plants above the doorway to repel malevolent spirits and nasty magick. Use red geraniums outdoors–if your property allows it, plant them to form a boundary–to keep bewitchments at bay.

Place Fu dog statues–the Asian dogs that look as if they’re part lion–on either side of the front door as “security guards.” It’s said that using a matched pair of male and female is most effective. (The male is usually portrayed playing with a ball.) Raise them off the ground as much as possible, so they can get a clear view of anything coming their way.

As Papa Legha holds the keys to the gates between the worlds and decides who enters and who doesn’t, place his statue behind the front door. (A statue of St. Peter may be substituted,  as he was designated by the enslaved as Papa Legba’s Christian counterpart when it was necessary to hide their religious activities.) Offer him rum every Monday–Barbancourt is a good choice if you can find it–and occasionally, supplement with good cigars, cigarettes, and candy.


Against Pet Harm:

As pets take the brunt of any malicious activity aimed toward us, it’s important to safeguard them as well. For dogs, a disc depicting Diana and charged with protection works well when added to any collar. For cats, obtain a disc depicting Bast. If neither is available to you, a St. Francis of Assisi medal will work well for either.

Utterly Wicked, Curses, Hexes & Other Unsavory Notions

By Dorothy Morrison

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