Some of the Witchcraft/Magickal Correspondence and Spell for Wednesday

Some Wednesday Correspondences from

Wednesday aligns with the planet Mercury. This day is associated with intellectual pursuits, travel, communication, and memory.

Metal: Mercury

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Periwinkle

Gems and Stones: Aventurine, Moss Agate

Botanicals: Fern, Dill, Sweet Pea, Periwinkle, Eucalyptus, Aspen, Lily, Lavender

Spellwork: Communication, Divination, Luck, Travel, Knowledge, Memory

Leaf Spell for Release from

Take a walk in nature and reflect on what no longer serves you. Collect a leaf and use it to cast this spell to let go pain and the past so you can summon peace and restore your sense of inner harmony.

I love casting this spell in fall, especially around the fall harvest festival known as Mabon. The fall is a wonderfully transformative time. As the leaves begin to change color and drop to the ground, we are reminded that sometimes we need to let go in order to change.



ziploc bag

chopstick or something similar


1. Go for a walk outside and reflect on what you would like to let go of

2. Collect a newly fallen leaf

3. Place the leaf in a ziploc bag and use the chopstick to “write” the thing you want to let go of on the leaf. Press on the leaf through the ziploc bag firmly enough to see the marks on the leaf, but be careful not to tear the leaf.

Take the leaf outside. Focus on releasing what no longer serves you and recite the incantation below. Let go of the leaf and release it back to nature.

“The past I leave with this leaf,

let go of pain and summon peace”