Annual WOTC Fund Rasier – All Proceeds Will be Used for WOTC Domain Name Renewal



$20.00 USD


$2.00 thank you very much

(All dollar amounts represent what is need in United States Dollars or USD)

No proceeds from this fundraiser will be used for any other purpose but to retain our domain name.

November brings the renewal of WOTC’s domain name fee. So, we are doing a fund raiser, so Lady Beltane does not pay it all out of pocket. But we do not expect people to donate without getting something in return we feel it is unfair to ask someone to part with a couple of hard-earned dollars given to air.

For everyone donating $5.00 USD you will get a 4-card animal sprit guide or helper reading (4-Card Readings: Both two-card readings below or the four cardinal compass points/elemental. $15.00 USD). or a 3-card Tarot Card reading (3-Card Readings: Past, present, future or yes-or-no question. $20.00 USD.)

For anyone donating $4.99 to $2.00 USD you will get a 2-card animal spirit guide or helper reading (2-Card Readings: As Above, As Below or As Within, As Without. $10.00 USD). All readings are done by Lady Belane via email.

To find out more about the types of readings are offered please go to Readings by Lady Beltane When making your donation be sure to put FUNDRAISER and the type of reading you would like in the note section, so Lady Beltane knows what reading to do and will email you with it, within 48 hours after you donate. The renewal date is no later than November 17th after that the domain name Witches of The Craft is up for grabs to anyone who wants to take it after us having it for over 20 years. This website was started by Lady of the Abyss when the world wide web was in its infancy and given to Lady Beltane when Lady Abyss retired. Within a month after handing over the reins to keep the work of the Goddess going Lady Abyss crossed into the Summerlands. So, if you can help out, please do we do not want to see the WOTC family get broken up. Thank you very much in advance for your help.