Modern Day Persecution of Pagans/Witches

While witches in most countries are not burned at the steak or imprisoned anymore we are still looked upon as being evil by a whole lot of societies other religions/ spiritual paths.

How many of you have had people look down upon you for being a Pagan/Witch? This morning I was told by one of my middle son’s sisters I could not talk to her girls because of my “life style”. I did text back explaining the biggest difference in their lifestyle and mine was that I take full responsibility for my actions and/or words that have harmed others in some way than it is up to me to ask the person directly if they can forgive me for it instead doing a some type of a wrong to a person or their family (up to and including murder) than ask a God to forgive my sin and not have to do anything else.

I do not impose my spiritual beliefs onto others as quite a few Christian churches do today and have definitely done so in the past 2022 years give or take a few. For about the last 15 years if people from a Christian church knocks on my door to talk to me about the faith I calmly tell them I will listen to you about what you believe providing you listen to what I believe in spiritually. So far out of dozens of these door to door religious sales persons I have had only 1 that was willing to listen to me. I count that as a win since they walked away with a better understanding of Paganism and our beliefs.

Are we wrong for not going into a building once a week or more to worship a God? Are we wrong for taking full responsibility for things we may say or do and asking forgiveness from that person instead of believing we can do as we please, ask a God for forgiveness and that is the end of it?

In reality every religion that does not worship Jesus Christ is in the modern definition Pagan. I wonder how many people think about that or the fact that all religions worldwide started with Pagan beliefs? How many Christians know that their religious holidays are when they are is based on when pagan Sabbats fall? Do non-pagans ever look at the fact that no major wars have ever been fought over trying to convert people to becoming a pagan? Do you feel it is unfair that for safety reasons we should not leave our pentacle outside of our shirt while, mostly Christians and Jewish people, wear a cross, Star of David, etc out where everyone can see it? I do not always where one of my pentacle as Lord Beltane, who is a non-practing Christian, has bought me necklaces with the Triple Goddes symbol and other ones that are Pagan in nature.

If this post reads as if I am upset it is because I am for once again being persecuted for my spiritual beliefs. Is it any wonder why most witches/pagans stay in the broom closet all of their lives? I will continue staying out of it to let people see that a witch/pagan is just like everyone else.

I think it is time for me to get off my soap box but I am sure this topic will be written about again. Thanks to Dreamer, our big mixed breed dog, who kept waking me up throughout the night until before 5:00 AM CDT when I got up took all our fur kids out and gave them a drink. So, I ambgoing to lay back down and try to get some more sleep before I do today’s posts.