A Tought for Today

These are words I really need to remember especially now. I have been sleeping around 18 to 19 hours in every 24 since last Saturday and still feel exhausted but I know it is my body trying to heal itself so for now I am ok with sleeping that much.

My biggest problem is the increase in nightmares from a bunch of things including but not limited to fatal car accidents, my mom dad and Sonny sitting up in their coffins to tell me just one more thing, along with other things I do not want to bring into the light of day.

My psychologist has me Journaling about the nightmares ans PTSD not fun but it is helping. I just with I could get the above mentioned people into a nice forest or field or anywhere but their coffins. I talked to relatives and close friends beyond the veil anytime they come to me when I am awake. Why these 3 have to interrupt my sleep I probably will never know…lol

Have a terrific Tuesday dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests. My your journey in this lifetime be full of all positive energy and things.

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