I Want to Hide From the World

Besides the fibromyalgia and arthritis I deal with clinical depression, anexity/panic disorder and PTSD from my dad’s death. I know some of you reading deal with the same or similar mental/emotional disorders so I decided to let you know and for me to know we do not have to go through problems physical, mental, and emotional alone.

There are times I need someone to talk to that is not blood family or my psychologist. As I think some of you may feel the same way. I want you to know I am here to listen either through an email, sent to ladybeltane@aol.com Subect – please listen, or through a call via Skype (it can be just a voice call or if you prefer a video call). As an ordained minister I am bond by ethics and my own morality to keep everything between just the person I’m talking to and myself.

Today my anexity is really bad not only because of Sonny’s crossing but also my dad’s in 1970 and my mom’s in 2015. I have endless loops going through my mind of how my dad and died plus their and Sonny’s funerals. I am going to be drinking a lot of valerian/ peppermint tea today to help me get out of my funk.

Why am I posting about mental and emotional health today? Why am I disclosing my disorders? I hope by doing so that I reach at least one person to know they are not alone with their disorders. I feel by my sharing what I am going through daily when I just cannot bring myself to get going to get on the computer and work because I just do not have the energy it takes to do them. I am going to take off from doing regular posts to do some very much needed self-care and mental flossing. I will let you all know how I am feeling each day. When I am ready to do posts knowing they do not have my negative energy in them I will be back.

Thank you for your understanding and support while I am going through this difficult time in my life.

Until we meet again my allergies positive things come into your life..

5 thoughts on “I Want to Hide From the World

  1. I’ve got Bipolar 2 mixed presentation rapid cycling, BPD-Quiet (I turn everything inward and would never harm another), CPTSD, PTSD, I’m autistic and have ADHD. Along with all the physical issues as well. So I get it. I used to be able to vent with friends, but it seems we’re all dealing with existential crisis these days and I don’t want to burden them. If they say go ahead and lay it on me, I would. They all know they can do that with me. But my issues seems to flatten all of them lol So I no longer bother. My last psychologist said to stop seeing him, it was a waste of money, and until i got a divorce and a lot of money there was no point in seeing him. All my issues would be solved once I did those two things…… I might was well backstroke to the moon for all that those things will happen lol
    I’ve had candles lit for many people over the past week. My house smells amazing as I have many different colors going (I burn yankee candles) so it really varies lol

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