Only Birthday Horoscope and Current Moon Phase Posts Being Done Until September 23


SONNY 6/10/1935 – 9/13/2022

I am still in a deep saddened state of mind and heart. My grieving is running deeper for a man I loved, respected, shared a son with, and was a close friend for 44 years than I thought it would.

Between my emotional roller coaster, 30⁰ temperature changes from early mornings in the 50s F to high 80s F in the afternoon, and not sleeping well my “wonderful friend” fibromyalgia has not only raised its ugly head but has taken over my entire body. So, I am in a whole lot of pain and cannot handle typing or sitting too long to do all the regular posts. So, I decided to just do the birthday horoscope and current Moon phase until it calms back down. Which I don’t see happening until after Sonny’s physical body is buried on Wednesday. If I can do additional posts for daily correspondence and a spell, I will put them up. I am just not sure if posts will be up around 10 AM CDT or at some other time. I should be back to full regular posts on Friday, September 23rd.

Thank you once again for your support, patience, understanding, and loyalty to me and WOTC. Blessed be dear Sisters, Brothers, and Honored Guests.

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