September 13 Divination Journal

Tarot Card


Eight/8 of Wands – Minor Arcana

I. The meaning of the Eight of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot

Step by step, she leaned against the wand and walked forward. Spheres of light were gliding in waves on either side of the road. Suddenly, she remembered having a childhood friend, sending her dreams into the dandelion and then and blowing every pistil into the wind. They conceived that the further the pistil flies away, the greater the chance for dreams to come true.

Thinking of that, she smiled slightly, bent down to pick up a bunch of dandelions. Taking a deep breath, she blew the pistils hard and left them free to drift into the wind. But this also means the death of a flower that is blooming brightly, the sphere with its exquisite beauty, is also the beginning of a new life.

The spinning pistils danced with the wild breeze, immersed in the bliss of freedom. Being blessed with a fragile appearance like spider silk, they easily carry out their function, flying farther, and then in a moment, falling down and shoot the roots into a complete tree.

Similarly, the Eight of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot is about the beginning of a long journey towards a certain goal. There is a great promise that everything is under control, along with the speed of quickly gaining rewards.

Number eight talks about structure while Wands are the raw energy. Thus, the structure of it creates a path for the energy flow. You are very sure about your goals and all the distractions have been removed. You can devote yourself to your work with full concentration, determination, and willpower. This is very good, allowing you to do a lot of things in a short time.

Keywords related to the Eight of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot: progress smoothly and quickly, activity, movement, urgency, excitement, delusions, acceleration, communication, news, journey, holiday, movement, productivity, unexpected things, archery, athletic ability.

II. The Eight of Wands Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread…


From The Rune Site – Anglo-Saxon and Frisian Runes


Sound: “y” as in “yoga”
Stands for: Bow made from a Yew Tree
Casting meaning: Yr symbolizes the perfect combination of skills and knowledge applied to materials taken from nature. This rune lets us know when we are in the “right spot” for a situation, and is good to use when looking for lost objects

Witches Rune

From – Witches Runes


Third eye, seeing the truth, clairvoyance, someone’s watching, the evil eye and protection

This rune is my favorite. The all-seeing eye. It represents seeing things unseen, also seeing the beauty in things others don’t. Can also be a warning of the evil eye or someone watching you. Or perhaps a reminder to open your eyes to a situation you’ve been blindly ignoring.

I Ching

Click here for more detailed information about Hexagram 23 from

Hexagram Twenty – Three/23

Po / Splitting Apart

The weight of the Mountain presses down upon a weak foundation of Earth:
The Superior Person will use this time of oppression to attend to the needs of those less fortunate.

Any action would be ill-timed.
Stand fast.


This is a situation easily mistaken for Stagnation (Hexagram 12) or Revolution (Hexagram 49).
It just depends on which side you’re on.
During a time of Stagnation, human worms invade to feed on the decay.
During a time of Revolution, oppression is being overthrown.
But in this situation, oppressors are violently seizing power.
Pay special heed when you receive this hexagram, because the oracle is often warning you of a situation of which you are totally unaware.
You are about to be blindsided.


Angel Number

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

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