I do All Types of Protection Spells for Others

When most people/witches think of a protection spell it is for their physical body. Protection spells can cover many others things. Such as an automobile, a purse or wallet, a person’s home and the land it is built on and other things.

This is one of the very few spells I will do for someone else. Through a video call on Skype I cam charm an object you would wear every day with a protection spell for your physical body.

Through picture or a video call I can put a protection spell that includes other drivers from cutting you off in traffic, make it exteremly unlikely for you to be in an auto accident, make a person choose an unprotected automobile to break into or be stolen, and protect anyone in the vehicle.

Through a video call I can smudge your home than do a protection blessing to keep unwanted metaphysical entities out, make a person choose a different home than yours to break into. I can also add protection against tornados, high winds, hurricanes, and snow damage. I can put this protection on your garage or other structures on your land.

None of the protection spells are meant to take the place of insurance or put yourself in a possible dangerous situation.

Fees all payable in USD and in advance of me doing the spell: Personal protection $40.00 per each person.

Automobile protection $70.00

House clearing and protection blessing $100.00. Each additional structure $25.00 each

Please email me at ladybeltane@aol.com to set up your appointment to have better piece of mine with being well protected.

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