Cutting Down Daily Posts for a While

Since I have been having a bad summer emotionally (depression, anxiety, and stress) along with the weather causing physical problems (fibromyalgia flares), I have decided to cut out some of the daily posts. I will not be posting the “Astronomy Picture of the Day”, “Today in History”, and “A Laugh for Today”. I also will not be posting all of the topics in the Divination Journals every day but will be posting a Tarot Card, Rune, Numerology, and Animal Spirit Guide or Helper. Starting tomorrow I will not be reposting all the tomorrow posts except for the Birthday Horoscope Digest. For the northern hemisphere the posts will be two days in advance so I can do the tomorrow posts for the southern hemisphere.  I am also not going to put pictures in every post or try to color coordinate the link colors. All of this means less typing and clicking so hopefully I can get all the other daily posts done every day. Also, the time of the posts going live may not be the same every day as it is now.

I am not sure whether I Will be getting the next issue of Life in The Craft magazine published for Mabon and Imbolc, but I will try to.

There will be some guest author posts on different topics over the next few weeks. I hope you enjoy them!

I hope you will bear with me on this until I am feeling much better and can go back to my regular posting schedule and publishing of the Life in The Craft magazine.

5 thoughts on “Cutting Down Daily Posts for a While

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, take care of you and we will look forward to your posts and updates 🌹


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