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I Ching

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Hexagram Six/6

Sung / Conflict

The high Heavens over a yawning Deep chasm:
An expansive void where nothing can dwell.
Even though he sincerely knows he is right, the Superior Person anticipates opposition and carefully prepares for any incident.

Good fortune if your conflict results in compromise.
Misfortune if your conflict escalates to confrontation.
Seek advice.
Postpone your crossing to the far shore.


Conflict is a necessary part of life.
Tension upon the strings of a violin can make majestic music.
The critical mass of two hydrogen atoms trying to occupy the same space fuel the sun that nourishes our solar system.
Most conflicts you face in life are the result of your Path converging with another’s.
Your Path is not his, and one Path is not necessarily more right than the other.
Can you work together to remove the blockage?


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Positive qualities

The main virtue of the Six is true humanism and truly cordial attitude towards people. You can be a liquidator working for the government, or even a tax inspector, but, at the same time, stick to your ideas that human life is sacred, and the right of freedom of expression is undeniable.

Seriously, you are a really kind and sympathetic person capable of giving away your last possession to those who need it most. Your loved ones know that you are the person they can count on, always and everywhere.

Negative qualities

Weaknesses of the Six are, in most cases, their virtues that got out of control. Defending a friend, you can be cruel and merciless to an enemy. Your willingness to sacrifice your own interests for the sake of others may give rise to the desire for martyrdom, which is pride. The same is true about your confidence in the aptness of everything you are doing.

The latter can cause serious conflicts with the nearest and dearest. Ignoring all reasonable arguments, you can drive others crazy proving to them that you are interfering in their life and destroy their plans with the best of motives.

Name Numerology

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Angel Number

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What is the meaning of angel number “6”?

Pay attention to the numbers that make up the angel number!

Angel numbers are often composed of various numbers. For example, if it is “222”, it can be said that it is composed of the number “2”, and it can be divided into “22” and “2”. It is also possible to add all the numbers of “222” and read from the number of “6” like “2 + 2 + 2 = 6”.

However, since the number “6” is composed of one number, it is not possible to divide it and read the meaning of those numbers, or to read the number calculated by adding them. Therefore, in the case of angel number 6, it is necessary to read from one number “6”.

“6” means “stability in life”

The angel number “6” is a number that stands for stability, harmony, and peace. Therefore, there will be various events in life, but these also mean the power to solve problems by making well-balanced decisions. That’s why the angels tell you that you can always live a stable life.

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