June 28 Daily Divination Journal – I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number

I Ching

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Hexagram Two/2

K’un / Receptive Force

Earth above and Earth below:
The Earth contains and sustains.
In this situation, the Superior Person should not take the initiative; he should follow the initiative of another.
He should seek receptive allies in the southwest; he should break ties with immovable allies in the northeast.

Responsive devotion.
Receptive influence.
Sublime Success if you keep to your course.


This is a time for dealing with reality as it is, not as you would have it be.
If you realize that in this situation you are the receptor, not the transmitter of the stimulus, you will find yourself reaching goals that seemed unattainable under your own steam.
If you persist in futile efforts to be the Shaper rather than the Shaped, you will completely miss this unique opportunity.


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Two, as one of the Core Numbers, is an Axis of Symmetry, a point of equilibrium which provides peace to your inner world. Any disturbance of this condition you perceive as a direct threat to life and well-being. It provokes you to action with the main goal of the restoration of order and harmony in the world.Intuitive confidence in the rationality and justice of the world order makes you stick to the view that all the troubles come from the people’s inability to hear and understand each other. Therefore you voluntarily assume the responsibility of a peacemaker.

Positive qualities

The list of positive qualities of the Two fully matches the list of canonical human virtues. They are good nature, peacefulness, generosity, ethic and tact based on intuition, insight and understanding of the human soul.

Add romantic, artistic nature and an exceptional sense of beauty here, and you get a genuine Masterpiece. One can only regret that it is almost impossible to have this figure in all numbers of the numerological core, and that people whose positive qualities completely supersede all the negative ones simply don’t exist.

Negative qualities

The most obvious negative qualities of the Two are the disposition to dependent position, appeasement, depression and indecisiveness.

Being passive can cause undue flexibility in matters of principle which should inevitably lead to failures in all spheres of life, and as a consequence, resentment of oneself, anger and alienation.

One should clearly see the borderline between diplomacy and commitment to the peaceful coexistence, and compliance and timidity.

Name Numerology …

Angel Number

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Keywords for angel number “1”

“new start”

Angel number 1, which means “turning point,” also means “new start.” When you count, you start with 1, and the New Year also starts on January 1.

In other words, 1 in the angel number means a new start of things. That new start may not always be a good thing, but if you think positively, it will be a happy start for you.


The number 1 means “independent and independent.” Each person is independent and no two people are the same. In other words, the concept of one being independent of “1”.

The message that the number 1 sends to you has the meaning of “Stand independently with your own will” or “Stand firmly on your own legs and be independent of a spoiled environment”.


Since any number is always divisible by one, the number one also means “we are one human.” Of course, each person is an independent entity, another person.

However, since every human being can think and communicate with each other in the same way, Angel Number 1 has the meaning of “connection between people.” It’s a good idea to take care of your connections when you have a problem.


The number 1 also has the meaning of thinking. Humans think about various things, but their ideas vary depending on the individual and the emotion at that time. The meaning of thought contained here means “discard negative emotions and have positive thoughts.”

If you want to fulfill something or get something now, it is important to put positive thoughts and …

Animal Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Helper

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Crane symbolism and meanings include grace, devotion and faithfulness, travel, open-mindedness, aspiration, longevity, immortality, and transformation. There are 15 species of cranes and they live on every continent except South America and Antarctica.1 As a result, these elegant birds appear in the mythology and folklore of many cultures around the world. Plus, the crane spirit animal is an important figure in the spiritual beliefs of people who feel a special kinship with these beautiful birds. In this post, you’ll learn about crane symbols and meanings, including crane spiritual meanings, as well as crane mythology and folklore and more.

Table of Contents

What does the crane symbolize?

Detailed Crane Symbols and Meanings

Crane Spiritual Meanings

Crane Meaning in Buddhism

Cranes in Hinduism

Crane Meaning in the Bible, Judaism, and Christianity

Crane Mythology and Folklore

Crane Symbolism in Aboriginal Australia

Crane Meaning in Japan


Crane Mythology in China

Crane Symbolism in India

Middle East

Cranes in Egypt

Crane Symbolism in Africa

Crane Meaning in Greek Mythology

Native American Crane Meanings

Crane Spirit Animal

Crane Power Animal

Crane Totem

Crane Dream Meaning

Crane Tattoo Meaning

Organizations that Protect Cranes