June 26 I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number, Animal Spirit Guide or Helper Divination Journal

I Ching

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Hexagram Thirty – Four/34

Name: Ta Chuang.

Keyphrase: The power of the great.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Heaven.


General: To win an advantage you not only need increase your strength but to accompany it with responsible action.

Love: You will find others have a powerful attraction to you – use this power wisely.

Business: This is a favorable time for business but do not try and go to far. Make sure you protect yourself and those around you.

Personal: Problem issues can be favorably overcome if tackled with honor and compassion.


Overview: Ta Chuang relates to the chance to take advantage of the current situation. Unlike Tun which urges a temporary retreat, Ta Chuang urges you to make the most of it. It carries the warning though, that overconfidence can lead to a downfall. Don’t be rash, plan your strategy wisely and minimize damage wherever possible. Feeling empowered is good, but don’t be narcissistic about it.


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Three, among the numbers of the numerological core, implies special vision that indicates exactly what the world is lacking for perfection, as well as the urgent need to fill this gap, a need that becomes the basis of motivation and the main driving force for every step of life. This is a unique type of discontent, spiritual thirst that can’t be satisfied with the usual creature comforts. Only having created something new, something that has never existed before, you can find inner peace and feel the joy of life.

Positive qualities


The main strength of the Three is love of life and invincible optimism. It is almost impossible to make you doubt yourself or the importance of your role. Minor mishaps don’t count. You are sure that in the Fifth Act everything will fall into place, and the Ending will be incredible.

This carefree attitude is due to your expressiveness and artistry. Practical advice and comments like, “You can’t live like this!” cause your sincere puzzlement: “What else is life if not this?”

Negative qualities

The weakness of the Three’s character is their tendency to become depressed whenever the Feast of Life stops for even a moment. It usually occurs in cases when the lack of attention and interaction take place.

Your selfishness makes you demand recognition and expressions of interest from anyone who contacts you in any way. As soon as the familiar ritual is broken – say, someone forgot to call you, or was reluctant to respond to your request – you immediately come to the conclusion that the world is falling apart, and your life is over.

Name Numerology

Three in name numerology – Minor Expression Number, Heart’s Desire Number and Personality Number – detects the presence of creativity, that is the innate ability to create something new and predisposition to this kind of activity.

When this talent is remarkable, you reject all other activities already at an early age. But if it isn’t, you may need a long time to discover these abilities and develop them. In this case it is very useful to know for sure that you do have them.

Birthday Numerology

Three in the date of birth – Life Path Number and Birth Day Number – will allow you to live …

Angel Number

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Three Thousand Three Hundred Thirty-Three

Angel Number 3333 represents the deep connection between you and the ascended masters. It signals that a spiritual awakening is about to take place in your life.

Numbers are a universal language used not just by humans but also by our spiritual guides when they want to communicate with us.

Since the ascended masters can’t talk with us directly, they send us these numbers to convey their message using universal energies.

If the 3333 Angel number is showing up everywhere you go, it’s a strong indication to take notice and discover its hidden meaning.

Here is a look at the meanings of the master number 3333 and how to view it from different perspectives.


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Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

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The hummingbird symbolizes joy, healing, good luck, messages from spirits, and other special qualities. It’s no surprise that hummingbird symbolism and meaning are important to people around the world. Just as the hummingbird spirit animal is a sacred totem for many. While they are tiny beings, hummingbirds pack a lot of powerful, positive energy.

In this post, you’ll find a detailed guide on hummingbird symbolism, spiritual meanings, and cultural mythology. Plus, you’ll learn more about what hummingbird encounters may mean in your life.