June 20 Tarot Card, Rune, Witch’s Rune, Ogham Divination Journal

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The Sun – Major Arcana

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I. Description of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot

II. The meaning of the Sun Shadowscapes Tarot

III. The Sun Shadowscapes Tarot in a spread

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Harvest, Fertile Phase, One Year

Jera, eine Rune des guten Gelingens, bezieht sich auf jede Aktivera, a rune of good success, refers to any activity or effort you devote yourself. To see this rune is an encouragement to remain in good spirits. But you should know that quick results cannot be achieved. A period is always associated, therefore the keyword “one year”, which stands as a symbol for the full cycle of time that is before the harvest or exemption/liberation.

Witch’s Rune

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The Birds

Keywords: Unexpected news, change.

Meanings: The Birds Rune means some unexpected news that may alter your life completely. Especially if this is the leading rune. Generally the news will lead to a positive change but pay close attention to the nearest runes to determine its nature. It can also mean news of riends or family that you haven’t had contact with in quite a while. Letters and documents should be watched for as they may well bring happiness.


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Pronunciation – Gort

Tree Association – Ivy

Meaning – Spirals, tenacious, wildness, development, abundance, gratitude, rest, and reawakening. The beautiful spiraling of ivy is symbolic of our soul’s search for meaning, our DNA, and the galaxies in the universe above. The Celts viewed spirals as representative of life and spirit, showing how we can also grow and expand. Ivy also represents a form of tenacity and an ability to flourish in conditions where many plants cannot. Use your unique skills to overcome seemingly impossible obstacles as you pursue goals and dreams. Even if growth or progress seems slow, remain persistent. However, remember how important it is to rest, so you have the spunky energy to stay relentless.

If reversed – Arduous, imposing, aggressive, and challenging. Forces outside of you have been infiltrating and inhibiting your growth. Do not linger, or it may consume you. Sever your connections and focus your time and energy where it may be more productive.

Inscription and Magical Uses – Helpful to use when needing strength, encouraging support, or eliminating toxic individuals from your life. Place in your home for harmony and creativity or in your sacred space for abundance.

Folklore – When growing on or near a home, Ivy is believed to protect loved ones inside. Ivy is no longer used in modern-day medicine but was previously believed to cure whooping cough, ulcers, and eliminate hangovers. Often represented with Dionysus and considered sacred to Osiris.