June 7 I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number, Animal Spirit Guide or Helper Divination Journal

I Ching

Click here for more detailed information about Hexagram 47

Hexagram Forty – Seven/47

K’un / Exhaustion

A Dead Sea, its Waters spent eons ago, more deadly than the desert surrounding it:
The Superior Person will stake his life and fortune on what he deeply believes.

Triumph belongs to those who endure.
Trial and tribulation can hone exceptional character to a razor edge that slices deftly through every challenge.
Action prevails where words will fail.


This is the realm of the Shaman.
You have exhausted every alternative, spent yourself completely, taxed body and mind beyond your former limits.
Survival and salvation lie beyond your reach now.
Only transcendence to a new existence — a higher plane of being — will see you through.
The Old You is just a dry husk.
You can’t return to it.
Metamorphosis is the only grace offered.
You can only return to your homeland as a New You.


From worldnumerology.com

Forty – Seven

It is the same as 11. See “Master number 11.” There is an inner struggle between practical, down to earth 4, and spiritual 7. Once balance has been achieved, it is a prophet and counselor extraordinaire.

Angel Number

From Angel-Numbers.com

Forty – Seven

Angels see you are doing everything you can, you are on a right path. They are close to you and help you with daily concerns. If you need to, they can help even more. Just tell them your problems. There is no need to worry about solutions, Higher Powers know best how to do things right.

Animal Spirit Guide and/or Animal Spirit Helper

Click here for more information about the spiritual meaning for the Crow from UniGuide.com


Crow meaning and symbolism include adaptability, cleverness and intelligence,  teamwork and reciprocity, transformation, and psychic abilities. Crows live on every continent except Antarctica. (And their close bird cousins, jays, exist in South America.) So, crow symbolism, meanings, and mythology exist in many cultures around the world. In addition, the crow spirit animal is a sacred power animal to those who feel a kinship with these highly intelligent birds. In this post, you’ll learn about crow symbols and meanings and what they might mean in your life. Plus, you’ll learn about crow spirit animal, crow mythology, and more.

Table of Contents

What do crows symbolize?

Difference Between Crows and Ravens

Detailed Crow Symbols and Meanings

Crow Spirit Animal

Crow Power Animal

Crow Totem

Crow Symbolism in Cultural Mythology

Native American Crow Meanings

Australian Aboriginal Crow Meanings

Crows in Greek Mythology

Crow Symbolism in the Bible

Crow Meanings in Celtic Mythology

Crows in Norse Mythology

Crow Meaning in Asian Cultures

Crows in Hinduism

Crow Symbols in Buddhism

Crow Dream Meanings

Crow Tattoo

Organizations that Protect Crows

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