June 2 I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number, Animal Spirit Guide or Helper Divination Journal

I Ching

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Hexagram Thirty – Eight/38

K’uei / Estrangement

Fire distances itself from its nemesis, the Lake:
No matter how large or diverse the group, the Superior Person remains uniquely himself.

Small accomplishments are possible.


You are working at cross-purposes with another.
The distance between you is very wide.
The gap can be closed, however, with no compromise of your integrity.
You are not adversaries in this case — just two persons addressing individual needs.
Ask yourself: are these needs mutually exclusive?
Is there common ground here?
Must there be one winner and one loser?
Could you become partners in seeking a solution that would allow for two winners?


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Positive qualities

The positive qualities of the Eight are perseverance, courage and a great business instinct. People of your type control everything that happens in our world. No task is impossible for you, no obstacle invincible. You clearly see every next step both on your path and on the path of progress. Therefore, you know exactly what and when you should do.

You are reliable and impartial. You act tough, but always fair. If you take someone under your wing, this lucky person can consider their life to be well-off, and protection from any problems is guaranteed.

Negative qualities

The most obvious negative qualities of the Eight are arrogance, haughtiness and their habit of putting a slight upon the people who are in a dependent position. Well, there is also a couple of canonical vices like wrath and pride.

All these are the indispensable features of your business life, so they do not cause misunderstanding among colleagues and subordinates. In everyday life, however, such manifestations spoil your image adding some rough and unpleasant features to it. Learning to control yourself, so as not to abuse the family’s angelic patience, would be useful.

Name Numerology …


Angel Number

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Thirty – Eight

Meaning of angel number 38

Angel number 38 has not only the meaning of 38 number, which is a symbol of richness, but also the meaning of angel number 3, angel number 8, and angel number 38. Know the meaning of Angel Number 38

[38] Richness is brought

The biggest implication is that angel number 38 has the big meaning of “giving richness”. Especially, the meaning of economic richness is many, and the economic side is supported by angels. Anyone who feels this angel number 38 will indicate that the environment will change and financially good things will happen in the future and that fortune will rise.

[3] Blessing is obtained …

Animal Spirit Guide or Animal Spirit Helper

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The swan spirit animal flies into your life to awaken your intuitive abilities. Likely, you have been operating on an altered state of awareness.

The swan spirit animal wants you to develop your thinking, breathing, and life itself. You need to stop fighting change, but to be content with moving with the flow of life.

The swan totem animal has powerful links to spirituality. This spirit guide makes inroads into your life to boost your spiritual growth.

Indeed; you should be curious about what lies ahead for you, spiritually. Your swan spirit helper is here to give you the clues you need to make the right decisions.

The swan totem animal has a soft famine side. By making its way into your life, it wants you to exude grace, honor, inner beauty, and all the feminine traits you need to succeed.

Your feminine intuitive side has an important role to play in your overall growth and development.

Symbol of Healing Energy

If you embrace the swan as your totem animal, it will give you healing powers. This means that you won’t only be able to heal yourself, but also to touch the lives of others with this power.

The swan animal totem enables you to create a positive impact in your world. You will exude a calm, graceful, and beautiful countenance wherever you go.

This spirit guide teaches you to spread hope and …



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