Starting TODAY for the N. H. Monday, May 30th and S. H. Tuesday May 31 Some Minor Changes to Everyday Posts Will be Happening

I am burning myself out working 7 days – 5 to 6 hours a day almost every week. So instead of taking a random day off here and there I am going to start taking every Monday off, which is Tuesday in the southern hemisphere, on the northern hemisphere’s Monday, May 30th.

What does this mean for the regular daily posts? For the northern hemisphere the posts on Sunday afternoons starting at 3:58 PM CDT will not be posted again on Monday morning and no daily horoscope, astronomy picture, and today in history posts on Mondays. Tuesday’s day before posts will still start to go live at 3:59 PM CDT on Monday. For the southern hemisphere there will be some changes as I add more posts for you for a date a head. Thankfully with the exception of the specific posts listed above I can work a head of the current date. You can find Monday’s or Tuesday’s missing information by clicking on the hyperlinks in each specific post.

I hope you all understand why I need to do this for my own mental health and to get household chores done. Also, with it going into summer here I also have outdoor things to do like help mow our lawn, weed flower/vegetable beds, etc. I am up at 6:30 every day to take my fur kids out and then immediately start working on getting posts ready for all of you. I also will be less likely to miss posting a daily post or putting the wrong date on it. Every day I work with 6 different time zones and today, tomorrow, and the next day. I will be adding posts for the southern hemisphere for your tomorrow’s witchcraft/magickal correspondences, spell for today, and both divination journals so you have some of the same heads up as the northern hemisphere gets. The fun part of all of this is spending a good portion of my northern hemisphere’s Saturdays and Sundays on the computer so I can have Mondays off.

I will be available Tuesday through Sunday any time between 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM CDT for Skype online meetings with students or anyone else that would like to chat with me personally. If an Esbat or Sabbat falls on a Monday, I will host the gathering on that date. If a full or new moon falls close to the date of a Sabbat, the Sabbat will be held that month but not an Esbat gathering. I will not be answering emails or schedule one-on-one meetings on Mondays no matter what. I ask if you want a one-on-one meeting with me that you send an email to giving me 2 or 3 days and times that work for you, and I will either pick one of those or suggest a different day and time that fit better into my schedule.

As I do not receive any type of regular salary or hour pay for bring you these posts it is a labor of love. I only earn if I am lucky enough to have enough posts read an average $80.00 USD per month. Let me ask how many of you would work 7 days a week 5 to 6 hours every day for this type of wages without knowing if what you are posting is even liked by those who follow your website? If you could just click the like button on posts once in a while or leave a comment that would help me to know what to post and what not to post.

Thank you for your help and understanding with these changes!

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