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Wheel of Fortune – Major Arcana

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I. The Description of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

II. The general meaning of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

III. The reversed meaning of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

IV. The guideline of Wheel of Fortune Deviant Moon Tarot

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The Self

Remain modest – that is the right of the oracle.  Be in the world, but not from the world.  Stay receptive to impulses, that come out of the divine in the inner and outer sphere.  Seek  to live the usual life in an unusual manner.

If you take the ‘itself’ rune and cut through it in the middle, you are going to receive the rune of joy and its reflection.  So there is a fine warning not to be careless. The acrobatically dancing energy of the balance is asked here to bring its higher itself.  Nothing in the excess – that was the second request that was to be read at the entrance to the delphish temple.  The first advice read:  Recognize you yourself!

Witch’s Rune

From – Witches Runes


This rune means romanticism in emotions and relations, harmony, love, energetic balance. It also means news, harmonic partner, matrimonial relations or good relations in a family. This rune can also warn that something can be out of balance. Learn to set your limits and protect yourself.

Key words: love, sexuality, mutual relations, soul mates, friendship, harmony, protection, balance, emotions.

Sabbat: Beltane

Element: Fire

Chakra No.4: Heart


From – Ogham Symbols


Symbolized by the elder tree, Ruis is the 15th ogham symbol and corresponds to the letter R. The elder has regenerative abilities, so its symbolism revolves around ideas of transformation and regeneration. As an ogham of timelessness, it represents the aspects of existence—the beginning, middle, and end. In modern interpretation, it suggests the maturity and awareness that comes with experience.

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