May 28 I Ching, Numerology, Angel Number, Animal Spirit Guide or Helper Divination Journal

I Ching

From – I Ching

Hexagram Thirty – Four/34

Name: Ta Chuang.

Keyphrase: The power of the great.

Formed By The Trigrams: Thunder over Heaven.


General: To win an advantage you not only need increase your strength but to accompany it with responsible action.

Love: You will find others have a powerful attraction to you – use this power wisely.

Business: This is a favorable time for business but do not try and go to far. Make sure you protect yourself and those around you.

Personal: Problem issues can be favorably overcome if tackled with honor and compassion.


Overview: Ta Chuang relates to the chance to take advantage of the current situation. Unlike Tun which urges a temporary retreat, Ta Chuang urges you to make the most of it. It carries the warning though, that overconfidence can lead to a downfall. Don’t be rash, plan your strategy wisely and minimize damage wherever possible. Feeling empowered is good, but don’t be narcissistic about it.


Click here for more information about the numerology meaning for the number 4 from


Four, among the main numbers of the numerological core, is unwavering firmness of life position, stability and confidence in the future. It means your household up-and-running, strong family and friendship ties, reliable and steady income and the everlasting respect of others.You pay for all this with hard work (the legal side of the issue does not really matter), being reliable, loyal to the principles and dedicated to your job which is not something anyone can cope with. This is innate. So you are lucky.

Positive qualities


The positive qualities of the Four could be described as purely men’s virtues if thousands of women didn’t have them. This is high endurance, exceptional working ability, personal organization, commitment to principles and equanimity. You are firm in your beliefs, most important of which is that nothing in this world comes for free, and any reward is to be deserved.

That’s why people of your kind are the foundation of any society. They know what to do and can implement it in practice. There is nothing heroic in your manifestations, but all your life is a feat. As a consequence, only few admire you, but everyone respects you.

Negative qualities

When someone wants to point out the Four’s weakness, they first mention their stubbornness, slowness and tediousness. From a certain point of view, so it is: you always take your time not to make mistakes, and you’ll hold your ground up to the end without losing a chance to rub your opponent’s nose in their errors.

Moreover, you never hide your skeptical attitude towards rattle heads, shallow and irresponsible people. Therefore, you are often accused of being too suspicious, and your zero-tolerance of idleness and unwillingness to waste time on idle pleasures gives others a reason to consider you sullen and hard-grained.

Name Numerology …

Angel Number

Click here for more information about Angel Number 43 from

Forty – Three

Have you been seeing number 43 a bit too often in your life lately? Well, you might find this weird or think it’s a simple coincidence, but it really isn’t.

There’s more to numbers than meets the eye. Since the angels can’t directly appear and talk to us, they often use numbers to send their messages that are supposed to make our lives better.

Today, we’ll discuss number 43 and the different meanings and symbolism that come with it.

Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

I live across the street from a swampy area and yesterday found a baby Salamander under a bag of potting soil. As I was wondering what message it had for me I thought to share it with you too. In my search for answers I came across a different website for animal spirit guides or helpers. I do animal spirit readings for others to find out how you can get your personal reading done click on Readings by Lady Beltane.

Click here to read more about the animal spirit guide/helper the Salamander from


When the salamander spirit animal pays you a visit, consider yourself lucky. This spirit guide comes to improve on your level of sensitivity.

At the same time, it helps you to unleash the power that for long has been dormant within you.

The salamander spirit animal makes its presence known in your life to encourage you to live your dreams.

It’s not easy to convert your dreams into reality unless you have some special help. This is where this spirit totem comes in handy.

Additionally, the salamander comes to conduct you through the transformations you have to go through.

You need to grow and change much as you experience these transformations.

What is the Meaning of the Salamander Spirit Animal?

The salamander is one of the most diverse creatures amongst the reptiles. It has a number of qualities that hold a special meaning in your life.

For example, this reptile is a solar power animal. Ironically, it mainly operates during the night.

As a solar power animal, the salamander fills you with the ability to create a balance in your life.

It guides you to make the best use of both day and …

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