Spell for Today – Juno’s Prosperity Elemental Ritual


Juno’s Prosperity Elemental Ritual


calls for some natural magick supplies. Try working with affordable tumbled malachite stones. As for the wheat stalks, look at the dried flowers and fillers in the arts and crafts shops. Ditto for the feather, or peruse a fly-tying store; you can usually pick up a package of feathers for a few bucks. As to the green seven-day candle, if you look around, you can find green jar candles. I actually found some at the grocery store for a dollar apiece. They were in the ethnic food aisle and were called novena candles. I simply peeled the saint sticker off of it, and abracadabra! An instant seven-day candle for my witchery.

As mentioned before, all of these magickal supplies listed below correspond with the goddess Juno in two of her prosperity-drawing aspects, Juno Augusta (the harvest mother) and Juno Moneta (patron of the Roman mint).

1 malachite stone (to represent the earth element)

A few peacock feathers (to represent the element of air)

3 small stalks dried wheat

1 green seven-day jar candle for prosperity

3 drops honeysuckle, peppermint, or clove oil (all of these oils encourage prosperity)

A clean dropper (to add the oil to the candle)

A long, thin screwdriver (to put holes in the candle)

A dollar bill or coin

Matches or a lighter

A safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell

Carefully and slowly push the screwdriver straight down into the wax. Now pull it straight back up. Add two more holes for the essential oil. Now set the screwdriver aside; using the dropper, squirt a few drops of honeysuckle oil down into those channel that you just created.

Next, hold the green jar candle in your hands and transfer a little of your personal power and desire for prosperity into the candle. Then place the candle on your work area on top of the currency. Arrange the stone, wheat stalks, and feathers to your liking. Make your work area pretty, and enjoy the process. While you are doing so, you may chant the following (the chanting will help you raise some energy too):

By the power of three times three
Bring prosperity now to me!

When you feel that you are ready, light the candle and repeat the following verse three times:

Juno Moneta, Roman goddess of prosperity
Lend your power to this elemental spell that I weave
Juno Augusta, mother of the harvest, hear my plea
These three golden stalks of wheat are a gift to you from me
A peacock feather for air, and a malachite for earth
Lady, bless me with success, abundance, and rebirth
For the good of all, with harm to none
In Juno’s name, this spell has begun!

Allow the candle to burn until it goes out on its own. It will probably take five to seven days for the jar candle to burn out. When I burn seven-day candles, I tuck them inside of my large cast-iron cauldron, then I place the spell components around the outside of the jar. That way, the candle can continue to safely burn, and even if it gets knocked over, everything stays contained inside of the fireproof cauldron.

Once the jar candle is finished, pocket the malachite stone and the bill or coin. Keep the money with you, tucked in your wallet or in your pocket. Tie up the feathers somewhere where prominent where you will see them every day, like the rearview mirror of your car, your dresser mirror, or a chest of drawers’ handle. Every time you see the feather, tell Juno thank you. Take the dried wheat and crumble the pieces apart. Sprinkle the seeds outside as an offering for Juno. Abundance and prosperity will find their way to you soon.

Please note: If you cannot leave the ritual candle safely burning then snuff it out when you leave and relight it as soon as you are home. It may take a few days longer, but the magick will still turn out, especially since you are taking the time and energy to tend the ritual candle so carefully. As you relight the candle, say:
As this ritual candle relights, so does my magick one more ignite.

Enjoy your ritual work, and may prosperity come to you in the best possible way!



Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week
Ellen Dugan

2 thoughts on “Spell for Today – Juno’s Prosperity Elemental Ritual

  1. Thank you for this post! I am a big fan of candle magic, though admittedly I’ve always been fearful of using anything other than a tea light as I get nervous about leaving flames unattended. I hadn’t thought about letting the candle sit in a cauldron before, that makes a lot of sense. I think it may be time to try sourcing one that is big enough to contain the whole candle even if it gets tipped over.

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    1. I use the candle that come in glass holders and put the runes or symbols on the glass. I dig out some of the wax to add herbs and essential oils. I set the candle on a heat proof pot trivet/holder. In all the decades of doing this I’ve never had one tip over. I’ll do a post with more candle usage tips and safety this week.


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