Spell for Today

My favorite spells to do on Thursday by Tina Caro

White magic Jupiter spell

This white magick spell is well known and is a simple ritual to obtain money, thanks to the help of the force of the planet Jupiter.

If we want to give more strength to the ritual, the Thursday that must be chosen should be in a period of the new moon shortly after midnight.


How to perform it:

Take the banknote and fold it into four parts.

Now place it in the copper container.

Create an ideal circle with the green candles around the copper container.

Now arrange the white candles in a circle around the green ones as well.

Then draw a circle with the coarse salt that encloses everything.

You will then have the copper container in the center surrounded by the green candles, which in turn are surrounded by the white candles, which in turn are enclosed by the circle of salt.

This composition is a powerful catalyst for positive energies and is also used in other propitiatory rites.

Now, light the candles, starting with the green ones, and moving clockwise.

While lighting the candles, repeat as if it were a chant the following formula several times and always in a multiple number of three (three, six, nine…).

Leave a certain amount of time between the lighting of one candle and the other.

“Sun, cover me with gold,
dress me in silver, Moon,
give me riches, great Jupiter”

Let the candles burn out completely. Then take the copper container and put it in a safe place away from prying eyes (obviously you have to leave the banknote inside).

It can be used again to repeat the ritual as often as you need it, always in the new moon period, always on Thursday.

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