Who is Lady Beltane?

Lady Beltane on Samhain 2018

In case you wondered why I choose the pagan name of Lady Beltane it is because I am a Beltane/May Day baby. My parents welcomed me into this world for this lifetime on May 1, 1958, at 1:57 AM CDT. I am an Earth sign with the Sun signs zodiac, Taurus and Chinese zodiac, Dog, hence why I get very stubborn at times but am also a very loyal to close friends, family, this website and my readers.

I began as a kitchen and earth witch but evolved over time into the eclectic witch that I am today. I am still very entuned to Mother Earth and her seasons making me sluggish and a homebody during the colder months and wanting to be outdoors to garden, hike, or whatever the day bring my way in the warmer months. I was ordained as a pagan minister in 2015 to be able to sign marriage licenses anywhere in the 48 connecting states of the United States of America so I could marry one of my children in a Handfasting ceremony.

I became a Wiccan High Priestess when I was 21 years old and as a hereditary witch from both sides of my family, I started practicing witchcraft at a very early age with herbal medicines and developing many of the abilities I have. Some of those abilities are being a healer, talking to those that have crossed the veil into the Summerland’s, use photographs to clear aura and chakras, talk to animals both wild and domestic.

The traditions I bring into my own spiritual and magickal path are Native American, I am from the Choctaw Nation, Ancient Egyptian, German and Irish Celtic, some of the ancient Roman and Greek pantheons, and modern Wicca.

I have raised five amazing children, am the grandmother of nine wonderful children, and mother-in-law to 4 people I happily refer to as my children also. I am blessed with two magickal companions, one that helps me with my rituals and other magickal workings in our phiscal plane, her name is Cleopatra who is a Miniature Pinscher and the other travels with me to Otherworlds (the word used by Celtic traditions for other planes of existences) and during astral travel, her name is Starbabie she is a Chihuahua. I also have become mamma to other fur kids named Merlin and Dreamer that were Lord Beltane’s.

I will be marrying the love of my life and twin flame sometime in the fall or next spring. This is who I refer to as Lord Beltane. We have shared many lifetimes together but not always as mates.

White Wolf who I have introduced you to is my cosmic twin. Him and I work together in this lifetime as healing partners. As cosmic twins we have always had lifetimes together since first incarnating on Gaia/Mother Earth.

Lady Silver Sage and I have shared numerous lifetimes together either as blood or spirit sisters or as vert dear friends. She is my closet, dearest friend and spirit sister in this current lifetime.

I hope this has helped you to know the author of almost every post, the High Priestess of Heart’s Spirit Online Coven and School of Witchcraft on WOTC since April of 2019. Before taking over WOTC I had my own website Coven Life that Lady of the Abyss talked me into starting in 2016 where I had a School of Witchcraft and Heart’s Spirit Online Coven was born. Before that I had retired from leading face to face covens and mentoring young (not by age but by ability) witches in 1999 and became a solitary witch. Even as a solitary I would take on one or two novices a year to mentor first face to face and then via the internet.

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