May 6 Daily Tarot Card, Rune, Witch’s Rune, Ogham Divination Journal

Tarot Card

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The Master – Major Arcana number 22

I. The explanation of The Master Osho Zen

The Master Osho Zen is not a teacher for others, but he is a teacher for himself. Every single word and act he makes, it reflects the enlightenment. He neither has any personal purpose nor desire for anything, but always lets thing happens as it should be – there is nothing to strive for. Even though his surrounding disciples are not always beside him, yet they feel his presence and be inspired by his actions.

In his eyes, disciples could find their truth reflected, and in his silence, they could easily immerse themself in their own silence. The master welcomes his disciples which is not because he wants to lead them, but because he has so much to share. Together, they create a great source of energy that could support each individual in search of their own light.

If you could find such a great teacher, you are very blessed. If not, then keep searching. Let’s learn from the preachers, who will be the teacher and then let’s step forward. Like Buddha, Tathagata said, “let’s go! don’t stop! ”. Keep moving forward! Allow yourself to step out of the earthy striving and seek your highest perspective in all things.

II. The Meaning of The Master Osho Zen

Apart from our minds, there is an intrinsic awareness. It is not something the external world could give you. It is also not an idea – and …



The Wave

Keywords: Friends, family, travel.

Meanings: This rune is to do with the your friends and family and their influence upon you. Its meaning is usually derived from the other stones closest to it. This rune is also associated with travel. A journey abroad is indicated especially if the Sun rune is nearby, but a journey for someone close to you if the Moon stone is closest. If it is near to the Rings it foretells a holiday or long distance relationship.

Witch’s Rune

From – Witches Runes


This symbol is considered to be the sign of victory. It represents the sword with edge upward in a battle. This rune gives the sign that it is time to act, maybe, it is time to defend your own interests. You should be rigid. It is not the time to relax. You should act fast, follow your nose. Rune personifies strength and courage.

Key words: courage, male sexuality, warrior, defense, strength, self-consciousness, leadership, strength of will.

Sex: male

Element: fire

Chakra No.2: sacral for men.


Click here for more information about the Ngetal Ogham symbol from druidogham.


Healing, cleaning, cleansing, catharsis, paring down

Tree: Broom (Cytisus spp.)

Letter: Ng

Like when a fever breaks, broom signifies the end of a struggle and the subsequent ability to clear out the junk to make way for a newer, more positive approach. Walking a way from a bad habit or situation can be painful, but not necessarily so. It may also be gradual. Overall, Ngetal is the importance of getting rid of old junk and baggage (this could be actual clutter or psychological baggage, which of course are intimately linked) or it could mean the resolution of action against someone who has wronged you, whether it is forgiveness or cutting and clearing them out of your life. If it is forgiveness, Ngetal suggests it is coming from a genuine place of inner peace. Apologizing does not necessarily make you an apologist.

There is a process of analysis and reflection that eventually distances anger and enables you to feel it without being puppeted by it. Letting go of attachments that aren’t healthy, for instance, an obsession with being liked for the way you look, will help you develop in ways that fulfill your purpose in this life. Ngetal could signify you are beginning to release anxieties about what you have no control over, which will go a long way in healing your spirit.

Questions when you draw Ngetal: …


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