Posts and Beltane/Samhain Gathering – Canceled Due to Lack of Interest

Bear with me as I am half-asleep typing this in as I have been up since about 1:15 AM CDT giving me only 3 hours of sleep. Today I was only awake enough to get the basic horoscopes, moon phase, and planetary positions up. I had to go back and fix all of these posts…LOL. I go for my preventive colonoscopy this afternoon than coming home to very delicious homemade hamburger/vegetable soup made especially for me by Lord Beltane. After I eat, as I have not had anything but liquids for 63 hours by the time the procedure is done, I plan on sleeping until Friday morning, as I have hardly gotten any sleep the past two nights.

All the regular daily posts will be back on the northern hemispheres Friday afternoon for Saturday.

I have not gotten any emails for people wanting to attend the online Beltane/Samhain gathering yet. If no interest is shown by around 4:00 PM CDT on Friday, April 29, 2022 the gathering will be canceled due to lack of interest in it. If you want to attend please write to me at for the information needed to join in the Skype meeting. I am using Skype as a gathering place because it is free and I can control our privacy for all gatherings or open chats. No problem if you do not have or want to use a webcam or microphone as I will be typing everything in and your responds when needed can also be typed in. See the posts for the Beltane/Samhain Gathering for all the other information you will need for the ritual in whatever hemisphere you live in.


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