There has to be Words Better than Thank You

Thank you does not express the gratitude I feel for those who sent donations so I can keep my internet that I use mostly to bring you the regular daily posts and the other posts of what I feel drawn to do.

I consider these woman close sister in the larger WOTC family. Ladies if there is ever a way I can help you or pay your kindness forward I promise to do it.

With much love and many blessings I thank all of the WOTC worldwide family for your support, understanding, help when you can and for being my spiritual sisters and brothers.

2 thoughts on “There has to be Words Better than Thank You

  1. My dear sister please don’t be concerned about finding the perfect words to convey your appreciation. Your daily actions here on WOTC speak louder than any words. You put quite a bit into leading and guiding all of us. You deserve it! Blessed be

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