Reaching Out to Others with Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed only about 8 years ago with this horrible condition. I did Not realize how it would turn things I thoroughly enjoy doing, such as sitting on the floor with my grandchildren or taking the joy out of intimate times with my fiancee, into a very painful activity at times. I know arthritis and degenerative disc disease also play a part in the daily pain I live in. But I have been dealing with the later two for at least twenty years while I was still able to run my own dog obedience training business, work part time, to a trip to Germany to visit my sister Sliver Sage, and the list goes on.

Since fall of last year the fibromyalgia symptoms have progressively gotten worse especially with tempature changes. I have almost completely eliminated sugar and dairy from my diet. Started taking vitamin B super complex in addition to my daily multiple vitamin and Gabepentin. All under the supervision of my pain management doctors. The stress in my life has gone from the high 90 percent to around 4 percent. I exceeded daily no tree how bad I feel, meditate, eat well, and usually get enough sleep.

So I am asking my fellow fibromyalgia suffers what else can I do that I am not doing to not be in an almost state of fibro flare? The two things I hate, a word I hardly ever use, that it effects the most is being able to think clearly and to be able to bring you the all the daily posts everyday. When I cannot do this I feel as if I am letting all my wonderful readers down. Most of this post was done with speech to text so not all the spelling and grammar mistakes are my own :0}

I am reaching out to  my wonderful readers for new ideas or expanding on what i am already doing to get my pain level down from an 8 to at least a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10 on an almost daily basis. What kept me from asking you for help before this pride in not wanting to appear weak or needy but the time for my pride standing in my way should have passed into the night a long time ago. If you do not want to leave an open comment with your suggestions then please email them to me at

Thank you all for your support, understanding, help, and just for reading what I post. Blessed be dear Sisters, Brothers, and all others that stop by WOTC!

2 thoughts on “Reaching Out to Others with Fibromyalgia

  1. I am also on an antidepressant and a sleeping pill. When I can afford to buy it, I add weed to the mix.

    Freakishly weird and proud of it.


    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestion. Unfortunately I am allergic to weed. I do take an antidepressant and sleeping meds when I cannot fall alseep.


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