A Short Questionnaire Fo ALL WOTC Readers

This is my website only in the respect of who pays for everything to bring you daily witchcraft and other information as well. In the big picture though this is really your website to gain new information on a daily basis about things to do with witchcraft, all pagan paths, and other odds and ends. So, I ask you my readers to tell me what you want to see on here and when. Please keep in mind that I live in the Nothern Hemisphere and some things I can only have access to on the date it falls on in the Northern Hemisphere, such as daily horoscopes. Some topics I can do for what would be tomorrow in the Nothern Hemisphere.

For example:

Birthday Horoscope

Moon Phases

Custom Planetary Positions

Daily Divination

Information about the Sabbats

Daily Spells

Daily Correspondences

Would you like the topics I can post on what would be my tomorrow to be posted in time for the date to coincide with the date they fall on in the Southern Hemisphere? Do you want the posting left as is with topics being posted on the date they fall on in the Northern Hemisphere? Would you like me to find the time to do daily posts for both hemispheres? Keep in mind when answering these ‘ when ‘ questions that if I say post the birthday horoscope in time for it to fall on the correct date in the Southern Hemisphere that it will be available the day before the same date fall in the Northern Hemisphere. I base these on the time difference between Chicago, Illinois, USA and Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which is a 17-hour difference and also crosses the international date line. I am sorry if this time and date seem confusing but welcome to my daily world of posting.

Please give me feedback in the comments section below so I can bring you the content you would like to read about and when you would like to be able to read it. I will continue posting the posts I have been doing, the daily digests and divination journal as is until February 1, 2022. On that date in the Nothern Hemisphere I will take the opinion and requests I read in the comments into consideration for either change when I do the posts for or keep them the same. This is your time and place to let me know what you want to read and when so chime in with what you want from me and WOTC.

Thank you for your time and comments.


4 thoughts on “A Short Questionnaire Fo ALL WOTC Readers

  1. I love everything you and read 80% of them. I have learned a wealth of information! One of these days i am joining your school! Right now i cannot commit just yet, i hope to soon! Blessed be Lady BetaneSent from my T-Mobile 5G Device

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    1. The next course starts February 3rd and the one after that starts August 3rd. The starting dates will remain the same for next year also. Thank you for your kind words and following WOTC!
      Blessed be Phantom Plays


      1. There’s so much great content here I enjoy the correspondence & phases on one page is already magical. I always love ancient & primal practices to see how relevant they are to what I feel. Feb 3 is oh so close, been so busy but I’ll be checking in first thing on Thursday, hope I haven’t missed anything I’ll be needing. Ty Lady Beltane Blessings to You


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