December 20 Daily Divination Journal

Norse/Viking Rune

From – Norse/Viking Runes


THE JOY: This rune gives a signal about the light that exist at the tunnel’s end. When the unfortunate events and the sadness in life leave, it is time to bring enjoyment and light. This means the people are ready to receive the blessing after they have experienced great sadness during their part-time.

This rune is a core representation of the harmony present between a person’s ego and higher self, making the most secure and confident. But the most crucial meaning is that you can’t fail in the things you are doing.

Witchcraft Symbol Oracle

Whether you are a male, female, or however you choose to define or not define yourself this card is here to remind you of your inner strength when you are feeling your weakest. Lady Beltane 2020 Cannot be reprinted or copied without express permission from the creator

Druid Ogham

From Druid Ogham- For more information about Ailm


Transcendence, humility, compassion

Tree: Fir (Abies spp.) or Elm (Ulmus spp.)

Letter: A

Ailm represents the enlightenment that comes of perspective. Its symbol looks like a cross post-resurrection. “He is risen”, meaning He has transcended suffering and has forgiven His persecutors and all mankind to boot. In Iolo Morganwg’s Druid prayer, Ailm is the “love of all existences” that transcends the karmic cycle. Drawing Ailm in any form is a call to look at one’s own personality and to ask “What am I here to learn?” Ailm is a perspective that comes from eons and many, many lives worth of experience. Only lived experience gives us compassion and detachment in balance. Ailm is also the divine aspect of humor. When you laugh an honest laugh rooted in humility, the gods laugh with you.

Though our culture tends to devalue anyone above the age of 40, we can acknowledge wisdom that comes with age, not in every case but reliably enough that it’s a valid stereotype that a person gets “older and wiser.” Having a bunch of lived experience can be quite helpful when it comes to solving life’s problems and making peace with its predicaments. The truly wise neither rush forward with unbalanced optimism nor shrink away with unbalanced pessimism; their information is better than that. They have the ability to read the winds before hoisting sails and attempting to journey across the sea.

Questions when you draw Ailm:… 

I Ching

From – For more information about Hexagram 26

Hexagram Twenty – Six 26

Ta Ch’u / Recharging Power

Heaven’s motherlode waits within the Mountain:
The Superior Person mines deep into history’s wealth of wisdom and deeds, charging his character with timeless strength.

Drawing sustenance from these sources creates good fortune.
Then you may cross to the far shore.


There are important precedents in this situation.
Others have trodden this Path before you, overcoming the same obstacles facing you now, and making crucial decisions at the same crossroads.
Study their journals, watch for their trail markings.
Gain inspiration and wisdom from the heroes and learn from the mistakes of those who chose a sidepath.
All were Seekers, explorers whose daring mapped a course you can follow.
The words and deeds of the finest can imbue you with the courage necessary to face what lies before you.


Angel Number

From – Click here for more information on Angel Number 1111

One Thousand One Hundred One

The meaning of angel number 1111

The angel number [1111] is a special four-digit Zoro eye. There will be many people who stick with the license plate of the car. Let’s unravel the meaning contained in angel number [1111] from various viewpoints.

[1111] Thinking is approaching reality

The angel number [1111] contains an important message that your thoughts are approaching reality. This means that the gate, which had been closed, is now open, and it is time to combine thinking and reality.

Thoughts may include long-standing desires. You may suddenly be confused that your desires will come true, but it is important to proceed with consciousness only on the future you want without any anxiety or fear.

[111] An angel is watching over me …

Animal Spirit Guide and/or Animal Spirit Helper

Crack the Cookie

Wisdom of Buddha

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