Saturday Witchcraft/Magickal Corrspondences




is associated with Saturn (imagine that!), the planet that rules over responsibility, self-discipline, limitations and boundaries. Zodiac signs include Aquarius as well as Capricorn and Libra (due to the planetary correlation to Saturn). Elements corresponding to Saturday are Earth and Water. Saturn is the Roman God who is known for liberation and dissolution. Because of this, spells having to do with break ups (yeah, controversial and this isn’t’ an endorsement, either, just to be clear), ending a relationship or a partnership of any kind, business, personal, etc. as well as banishment, justice, swift karma and protection spells will all be favorable if performed on a Saturday. Gods/Goddesses: Saturn. Colors: Black and purple. **a black candle is great to use to banish negativity or to reverse a situation, it is not only used in baneful spells**. Angel: Barachiel

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