Well Here I go Again  Having Fun Working With The Wilson Family Show (aka Carnival I am Working)

This post is being done as I wait for “Battle Stations” to be called, which means we have opened for another day of fun and excitement for children of all ages and for me the fun and huge influx of happy and positive children’s energy. After 2 nights of only about 5 hours sleep each night I need that energy to keep me going.

Left-side Bottom Center and right-side Bottom

Top at thevfar end is the slide to go down (video soon of me embracing my inner child by going down the slide) along the right wall are body changing mirrors. 

Above is the “ride” I get to operate. Basically it’s a fun house with a glass and mirror maze on the bottom and mirrors that change how a person looks, and finally a 2 story twisting slide for the exit. I get to bring out my inner child while doing a safe check and use the slide to get down, under the guise of making sure it’s not wiggly or too hot.

I am going to be working Wednesday through Sunday until September 18th. So what does this mean for my posting responsibilities on WOTC? I will definitely get the Daily Correspondence Digest in full, as for the Daily Divination Journal there will still only be one General Tarot card draw,  Weekly Horoscopes,  and I will try to get at least one extra post of something posted every day. Please bear with me until I can go back to doing a four card tarot draw one for each of these topics General,  Love,  Health, and Wealth.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and support dear Sisters, Brothers, and Guests!