August 10th Daily Correspondence Digest

Daily Horoscope

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Moon Alert

There are no restrictions to shopping or important decisions today. The Moon is in Virgo.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Today you feel that life is grand! You will especially enjoy schmoozing with others in an entertaining way. Vacations, social outings, sports events and playful times with kids will appeal because you’re so enthusiastic and upbeat! Be careful about going overboard.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Home projects, especially something to do with renovations or repairs truly appeal to you in an exciting way today. In addition, family conversations will be upbeat because people are eager to embrace big ideas! The key is to remain realistic. Make sure things are doable.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

This is a happy day for you because your ruler Mercury is dancing with lucky Jupiter. This makes you feel optimistic and enthusiastic about whatever you do. You feel like a winner! You will enjoy talking to neighbours, siblings and relatives. (Don’t promise more than you can deliver.)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

This is an excellent day for business and commerce because you feel confident about financial matters and ready to take the helm. Your ideas are big and ambitious and your confidence and enthusiasm will help sell your concepts to others. Note: Remain realistic.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)

You feel excited and confident about things today. You will definitely exude an aura of success. (“Look Ma!”) However, be careful about acting cocksure or arrogant. Make sure you have your facts; and be careful not to coerce others. Stay grounded.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

This is a feel-good day for you! You have a strong hunch about something and you are sure that you’re right, which is why your confidence is running high. In addition, with fiery Mars in your sign, you’re ready to act on your intuition. Meanwhile, Venus will ensure that others agree with you! (Oh my.)

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

This is the perfect day to talk to friends or groups and get others to endorse your way of thinking. Your enthusiasm about something will convince everyone to sit at your table and go along with what you want to do. You can deal successfully with groups, especially younger people.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

You will be successful talking to bosses, parents, teachers, VIPs and the police today because you appear confident, assured and knowledgeable about whatever you say. Guard against going overboard or being too cocky. You might want to pull your reins. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

This is a fabulous day to make travel plans because you are upbeat, enthusiastic and ready to think big! Likewise, your ideas related to publishing, the media, the law and medicine are also ambitious. It’s a strong day for writers and podcasters.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Be careful in discussions about shared property, inheritances and money issues because you might be tempted to give away the farm. This is because you’re thinking in large strokes and you feel very generous. All of this is very well – but stay reasonable.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Discussions with partners and close friends will be lively and upbeat today! Everyone is full of big ideas – including you. Nevertheless, it’s easy to go overboard today or see things as being better than they are. Keep this in mind.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)

You’re not afraid to entertain big ideas related to your job today or any task for that matter. Meanwhile, issues related to your health are encouraging. You feel more optimistic. Likewise, anything related to a pet will please you because everything is going so well today. It’s a winning day!

If Your Birthday Is Today

Actor Justin Theroux (1971) shares your birthday today. You are an independent person who needs a lot of freedom in their life. You crave variety and you love stimulation and change. You are competitive personally and professionally. Financial security is important to you. This year will appeal to your personal love of freedom as you make major changes in your life. Seek out new opportunities and trust your gut instincts

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Birthday Horoscope Zodiac Sign Is Leo

AUGUST 10 birthday horoscope predicts that you tend to take the lead. Normally, during group discussions, you are the person holding the pen. You are a leader in the true sense.

You recognize those who contribute to activities. By doing so, people may think the world of you. It is a win-win situation for the Leo born today. When it comes to your family, your older siblings may look to you for advice.

Generally speaking, the August 10th birthday personality is lively, funny and impulsive. That is quite a combination to have. Life with this lion should be exciting.

As the August 10 birthday astrology rightly predicts, you love to explore and to do different or uncommon activities. The world has so much to offer, and you know this, as you are naturally inspired by life. Just waking up is a special occasion for you.

Speaking of special occasions, you are normally on the top of the list of people invited. Usually, you are open to doing things on the spur of the moment. It is your cheerful and positive attitude that attracts people to you.

The August 10 horoscope profile shows you are very independent. As negative qualities go, this Leo birthday person can be selfish, suspicious and intolerant; perhaps even conceited.

Whatever you call a Leo born on this day, you would have to admire their dedication to their passion. Please do not disrespect or ignore this zodiac sign as they will not forget who they feel has done them wrong.

According to your friends and family, this August 10th birthday person should be in the movies or something related to being in the media. People like you are far and few between so you are requested by some important contacts.

You try to accommodate everyone, as you do not like to miss an opportunity to grow mentally or financially but to be overbooked, you are likely to miss a few appointments. If today is your birthday, you could do well to stick to a flexible schedule and perhaps include the support of your friends or family as a means to stay on track of things.

The August 10th birthday meanings say those born on this day can be restless individuals. You are likely to occupy a position that offers a little variety. This can relieve you of some anxiety so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. You do not like to waste your time at work and would like to be a benefit to people.

With this in mind, you can be more tolerant with a job that is perhaps lacking in stimulation or pay. However, you can rest assured that this zodiac birthday individual will do a good job. When things are not going right, you have comfort in knowing that you are not limited to one occupation.

The only problem you may have with money is saving it. Retirement is always closer than you think. It is suggested that you invest in a retirement savings plan instead of spending good money frivolously. Enjoy yourself but do so on a budget. Do not go overboard with your spending.

Hearth health is normally a concern of those born on this day August 10. Your heart is affected by many areas of your life. It could be a low sense of self-worth that has you mentally clouded.

 is common to have a family member who is a bully. Perhaps the hands of a dysfunctional loved one as a child shattered you and this has spilled over into your adult life. Stress can show up in your neck, back and skin as well.

This Leo who is an August 10th zodiac personality is typically a romantic and charming individual. You are likely partnered with someone who is down-to-earth and rational. You are partial to animals and children. Normally, you like adventure, so life with you is never boring or predictable.


Famous People And Celebrities Born On August 10

Devon Aoki, Antonio BanderasJimmy Dean, Eddie Fisher, Herbert Hoover, Jacob Latimore, Asia Ray

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This Day That Year –August 10 In History

1628 – 50 killed as the Wasa goes underwater in Stockholm
1759 – Spain crowns Carlos III as king
1827 – Approximately 1,000 Black people migrate to Canada as a result of race riots in Cincinnati
1889 – The screw cap is invented; Dan Ryland’s owns rights

August 10 Simha Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign)
August 10 Chinese Zodiac MONKEY

August 10 Birthday Planet

Your ruling planet isSunthat symbolizes our self-esteem, ego and the face we show the world.

August 10 Birthday Symbols

The Lion Is The Symbol For The Leo Zodiac Sign

August 10 Birthday Tarot Card

Your Birthday Tarot Card is The Wheel of Fortune. This card represents the different cycles in our lives and their influence on our decision-making skills. The Minor Arcana cards are Six of Wands andKnight of Wands

August 10 Birthday Zodiac Compatibility

You are most compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign LeoThis will be an amusing as well as an intellectual match.
You are not compatible with people born under Zodiac Sign Taurus: This relationship will be stubborn and at each other’s throat all the time.

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August 10 Lucky Numbers

Number 1 – This number stands for success, mastery, instinct, and happiness.
Number 9 – This is a number of inner introspection, philanthropy, broad vision and selflessness.

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Lucky Colors For August 10th Birthday

Orange: This is a color that symbolizes vibrancy, passion, motion, and competition.
Red: This is a bright color that symbolizes the need to be the best in life, rivalry, and raw courage.

Lucky Day For August 10 Birthday

Sunday – This day ruled by Sun and is a day when you need to come to terms with your dreams, plans, goals, and focus.

August 10Birthstone Ruby

Ruby gemstone helps increase your determination to achieve your goals.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On August 10th

Tickets to the opera for the man and an engraved gold locket for the woman. The August 10 birthday horoscope predicts that you love gifts that add real value to your personality.

Moon Goddess’ Current Phase


You can use this link to go forward or backward in time for Moon phase information. If you are curious you can even find out what phase the Moon was in when you or anyone else, you know was on the date the person was born.

Today the Moon will be in a Waxing Crescent Phase. A Waxing Crescent is the first Phase after the New Moon and is a great time to see the features of the moon’s surface. During this phase the Moon can be seen in the wester sky after the sun dips below the horizon at sunset. The moon is close to the sun in the sky and mostly dark except for the right edge of the moon which becomes brighter as the days get closer to the next phase which is a First Quarter with a 50% illumination.

Visit the August 2021 Moon Phases Calendar to see all the daily moon phase for this month.

Today’s Waxing Crescent Phase

The Waxing Crescent on August 10 has an illumination of 4%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day. On August 10 the Moon is 1.95 days old. This refers to how many days it has been since the last New Moon. It takes 29.53 days for the Moon to orbit the Earth and go through the lunar cycle of all 8 Moon phases.

Custom Planetary Positions

If you need to calculate the planetary positions for a specific use and time, click on this link To figure out GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) to your local time use this link For Your Local Time and Date


Northern Hemisphere

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America

August 10, 2021
08:00 pm GMT 3:00 PM CDT
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Leo 24
Moon:16 Virgo 17
Mercury:27 Leo 58
Venus:23 Virgo 40
Mars:07 Virgo 32
Jupiter:28 Aquarius 25 Rx
Saturn:09 Aquarius 33 Rx
Uranus:14 Taurus 45
Neptune:22 Pisces 40 Rx
Pluto:25 Capricorn 00 Rx
True Lunar Node:07 Gemini 58 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:07 Gemini 07 Rx
Lilith (Black Moon):02 Gemini 36
Chiron:12 Aries 38 Rx
Ceres:02 Gemini 59
Pallas:25 Pisces 34 Rx
Juno:08 Sagittarius 31
Vesta:10 Libra 01
Eris:24 Aries 45 Rx

Southern Hemisphere 

The time for the Custom Planetary Positions is from the local time in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

11 August 2021
05:00 am GMT 3:00 PM AEST
Zodiac: Tropical (Standard Western)

Sun:18 Leo 46
Moon:21 Virgo 23
Mercury:28 Leo 41
Venus:24 Virgo 06
Mars:07 Virgo 47
Jupiter:28 Aquarius 22 Rx
Saturn:09 Aquarius 31 Rx
Uranus:14 Taurus 46
Neptune:22 Pisces 40 Rx
Pluto:25 Capricorn 00 Rx
True Lunar Node:07 Gemini 54 Rx
Mean Lunar Node:07 Gemini 06 Rx
Lilith (Black Moon):02 Gemini 39
Chiron:12 Aries 38 Rx
Ceres:03 Gemini 05
Pallas:25 Pisces 30 Rx
Juno:08 Sagittarius 32
Vesta:10 Libra 12
Eris:24 Aries 45 Rx

Witchcraft/Magickal  – Tuesday

From Plentiful Earth

  • Planet: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Gender: Masculine
  • Deities: Ares/Aries, Lilith Mars, The Morrighan, Tiwaz, Tyr
  • Colors: Red, Black, Orange
  • Crystals: Bloodstone, Flint, Garnet, Iron Pink Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Red Tourmaline, Rhodonite, Ruby, Steel
  • Herbs & Plants: Allspice, Basil, Cactus, Chili Pepper, Coneflower, Dragon’s Blood, Garlic, Ginger, Holly, Horseradish, Mustard, Stinging Nettle, Onion, Pepper, Pine, Radish, Thistles, Tobacco
  • Incenses: Basil, Black Pepper, Dragon’s Blood, Ginger, Patchouli

Energies & Associations: Aggression, Breaking Negative Spells, Competition Courage, Defense, Dominance, Ego, Force, Hunting, Initiation, Leadership, Lust, Masculine Marriage and Protection, Powerful Protection, Powerful Wards, Revenge, Romance, Sex, Strength, Success, Victory, War and Conflict