July 27th Daily Divination Journal


White Magic Tarot

Card 1Card 2


Your social life may be taking over if you’ve drawn the Hermit in this first position. It’s great to be busy, but you’re redefining the term to extremes with all you’ve got going on! This card urges you to spend a little more time alone, contemplating where you’ve been in your life and where you’re headed next. Like the lantern on the card, you’re in for some serious illumination if you’re willing to fly solo for a while. Your friends will understand.


The Chariot placed in this position asks that you consider a more assertive approach in the situation at hand. In order to build momentum in your life, get two tall orange candles, and place them on an altar (a mantle, table, or shelf works). As you light the candles, picture yourself moving through any blocks that may be present in this situation. See yourself achieving all your goals and dreams with ease. Repeat this ritual as necessary until you find success with all your endeavors.

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Witch’s Rune

Today I bring you a list of the 13 most common Witch’s Runes. You can draw these on card stock or stones or wood and pick on each day for yourself to go with the one that appears here daily. Try to make sure the stones or wood pieces are the same size or very close to it so you are not drawn to a larger or smaller one. Print this picture out and keep with your runes so you have their basic meanings always within reach.



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