Why are this Sunday, and Monday Daily Divination Journal Different? Where Are the Other Posts?

I am working at a carnival on the weekends throughout the summer because I need the extra money. Which does not give me enough time to pull and write up all four tarot cards as I do during the week. For this Sunday and Monday the only tarot card will be for a General reading. It is hard to post stuff for Melbourne, Victoria, Australia which is 17 hours a head in the southern hemisphere going by my Central Daylight Savings time in the northern hemisphere. I know this sounds confusing and believe me it is. Maybe explaining it this way makes it easier for everyone to understand, I hope,  for people in the southern hemisphere to get the Daily Correspondence Digest and the Daily Divination Journal at 7:00 AM AEST I have to have the posts ready to go by 4:00 PM CDT the day before. So to have Monday’s posts to be done for the southern hemisphere to wake up to I would have to be at my computer on Sunday putting the post to go live at 4:00 PM CDT Sunday afternoon in the northern hemisphere which is 7:00 AM AEST in the southern hemisphere. Since I won’t be home Sunday afternoon I have to have 3 days worth of posts done by Friday evening in the northern hemisphere. The Daily Correspondence Digest will have all of the same information it has in it any other day of the week.

Next week I will work on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday posts broken up through Tuesday to Friday so I can bring you all 4 tarot card draws.

I feel it is more important to give you the Digest and Journal than the other posts I do for this Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and to give you extra things like spells, or some type of witchcraft information. I will try to get some of this posted but am not sure that I will have the time needed to do them.

Have a great weekend and I will be back with the full Divination Journal and the extra posts on Tuesday, July 13th because I will be getting them ready on Monday, July 12th.