July 7 Daily Divination Journal


Today’s Tarot card reading comes from The Green Witch Tarot Deck and The Green Witch Tarot Companion by Ann Moura. With the art done by Kiri Ostergaard Leonard. Copyright 2015


12 – The Oak King – Major Arcana

Pages 65 and 66

The Oak King hangs upside down by his heel, which is wedged between branches of an oak tree. He is comfortable, casual, and relaxed as he contemplates his vital role within the infinite passage of time, tracing on the ground below him the perpetual cosmic lemniscate within the circle of the year. His position reflects the infinity symbol as he anticipates the familiar cycle of change, when the Oak King transitions into the unborn infant within the womb of Mother Earth, surrendering his reign to himself as the Holly King, the Sage who will rule until the Oak King is reborn at Yule. The lemniscate shows that the God’s endless cycle of life and authority is a harmonious interaction of light and shadow, demonstrating that life itself moves through the seasons of its own, an he is the guide.

This card offers the opportunity to meditate or focus inward and determine what needs to be released to make room for what needs to be brought in, and what needs to be retained. This can be an external or internal housecleaning, deciding what is unnecessary in one’s life, what is worthy of being kept, and what is new and beneficial. Here is a time when the conscious and subconscious may communicate, discovering what is desired and what is no longer necessary in one’s life.

The matter of change is in the tenuous phase of transition, requiring thought and the willingness to let go of the outmoded in order to reach achievement in some area of life. This is the stage of determining what foundation will be laid for the future and what new venture or outlook should begin. When this card appears in a reading, one is advised to take the time to consider the various options, pull together resources, and bring everything into balance before proceeding. Just as spell materials are set on a pentacle during magic work for grounding and manifestation in the physical world, so too should one prepare for what materialize.

Meaning: Paused activity, transition, meditation, weighing options, inner peace, patience, deciding what changes to make, self-sacrifices for gains.

Prompt Words: Introspection, inner peace.


7 – The Battle Wagon – Major Arcana

Pages 45 and 46

The chariots of the Etruscans and the Celts were four-wheeled battle wagons, large and un wieldy, requiring driver to handle the horses and take the warrior on board where he wanted to be on the battlefield. In this card, the rampaging horses have no reins and are instead controlled by the personal power of the warrior. He has the ability to command opposites and manage their divergent energies so they work together to accomplish his goals. This can be related in the business world to the who takes charge and brings the team together to work on a project successfully despite their differences.

There is personal achievement through focus on goals, self-discipline, and leadership ability, with actions that bring swift results, whether in business, career, or personal objectives. Taking control and consolidating power for success is indicated here, and drawing together opposing personalities to work in unison for a purpose brings recognition and prose for one’s merits. Balance is maintained by strength of will and management of energy.

This card indicates that a person has the ability to take control, be assertive, and handle the difficult situations that arise in life. Overall good health and strength of body, mind, and spirit are also implied in this card, and surrounding cards can help clarify the bearing of the Battle Wagon energy.

The Battle Wagon may relate to business travel with the potential for far-reaching importance. New projects could begin based upon previous successes, and there is a responsibility to live up to expectations. This card reassures the person that the capability is there; it only needs to be utilized, and recognition for the job well done will follow. Military service or work related domestic move could also be indicated with this card.

The key is that energy can be successfully raised, consolidated, and directed by the person to achieve desired goals in whatever matter or field involved, bring victory and esteem for the individual.

Meaning: Victory, merit recognized, successful action, self-confidence, personal achievement, leadership, consolidation of power, balance, control, dominance, conquest, good health, business travel, military service, service, relocation.

Prompt Words: Victory, recognition of ability, business travel.


Queen of Chalices – A Court Card

Pages 222 and 223

This is the card of empathy and compassionate nature. One may be vulnerable to sad stories and relate overly to problems of other people. Always having a shoulder for others to cry on can drain one’s own energy and create distress and worry where non is actually warranted. One is likely to feel confused by being relied upon by another in a time of emotional crisis and then ignored once the matter has passed or been resolved. There is an inherent warning not to empathize to the where one in sympathy reveals personal information to another who may use it against one after things are back to normal. There is also a need to be careful not to overreact to minor issues. One knows better, but has difficulty controlling the impulse to act against one’s own best interests. Facing one’s true feelings affords one the opportunity to make an honest assessment of what emotions and mindset drive one. There is a nurturing, loving intellect indicated by this card, and this needs to be guarded to avoid being injured by those less sensitive.

Hibiscus, a flower for psychic awareness, sensitivity, and passion, is in the queen’s wreath. A crab, a symbol of emotions, sensitivity, and creativity, crawls out of the sea.

Meaning: Empathy, sympathetic, good confidant, trust feelings, insightful, psychic ability, fairness, romantic, loving, authenticity of emotions.

Prompt Words: Sensitivity, nurturing, empathetic.


Queen of Pentacles – A Court Card

Pages 132 and 133

This cards indicates that financial plans are coming together. There is a sense of peace and tranquility fostered by financial security and plans set favorably in motion. Here the Queen of Pentacles sits comfortably in her fruitful pecan grove. Bountiful nature offers stability, and she feels the kindly influence of nature’s energies working with her. When this card appears in a reading, one has the ability to bring to fruition plans leading to economic security and well-being. Nurturing practical ambitions bring self-sufficiency and confidence. One may be inclined to luxury and seeking social standing, but this is temporary by generosity.

This card suggests planning a head and having those plans worked out as hoped. Money resources are under control, so there is a calm wisdom in money management and a strong sensible utilization of funds. There is prosperity and independence as well. Sometimes this card may signify a single-parent household where finances are carefully monitored or a lesser income that is successfully supplementing a larger one to have money for lighthearted entertainment, vacations, or small luxuries.

Pecan, for prosperity and abundance, are gathered in a basket beside the Queen of Pentacles. A white dove, a symbol of prosperity, harmony, and wisdom, sits on a tree branch.

Meaning: Financial plans realized, fruitfulness, independence, work rewarded, stability, dignity, practical ambitions, attainment of physical goals, self-sufficiency, able to provide for self and others, social position and success.

Prompt Words: Financial plans realized.

Elder Futhark Rune

From The Rune Site


Sound: “r”
Stands for: Wheel, Cartwheel (or Riding)
Color: Blue (Black)
Casting meaning: This rune allows us to focus our energy so that we may obtain our goals. However to do so effectively we must be “in the right place at the right time.”

Witches’ Rune

From The Summer Goddess Book of Shadows

The Star

This rune indicates the realization of a dream that has been extremely meaningful to you.

When picking this stone you can expect the crystallization of long-term dreams or plans and the presence of higher power.

Drawing this rune promises several fortunate developments in your life, possibly shattering your preconceived notions of what your life should be.

Now is a time when you will be dissatisfied with the ordinary.


From Ogham Symbol Gallery


I is Iodhadh, or Idad, the Yew tree. Much like the Death card in the Tarot, the Yew is known as a marker of death and endings. This evergreen tree has leaves that are attached in a spiral pattern to the twigs. Because of its unusual growth pattern, in which new growth forms inside the old, the Yew is strongly tied to rebirth and new life following death.

The Yew has no medicinal value at all, and in fact, it’s mostly toxic. Livestock have been known to die from eating the poisonous leaves. Berries can be used, but should be treated with caution. On a practical level, the wood of the Yew tree is very hard and resistant to water damage, so it was popular in the making of longbows in England.

In A Modern Herbal, Maud Grieve says of the Yew,

“No tree is more associated with the history and legends of Great Britain than the Yew. Before Christianity was introduced it was a sacred tree favoured by the Druids, who built their temples near these trees–a custom followed by the early Christians. The association of the tree with places of worship still prevails.”

Iodhadh Correspondences

Mundane Aspects: Although it may not represent spiritual death, if Iodhadh appears, it’s a sign that major transitions are coming. Be aware of them, and realize that although not all of them are bad, they will probably be pretty significant. Now’s a good time to get rid of things which are of no use to you, in order to make room for new beginnings.

Magical Aspects: Changes are on the way, so quit clinging to beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you well. Shed the old, and welcome the new. Accept change for what it is–an asset–and stop seeing it as an obstacle. Don’t fear new things, embrace them.

Today’s Animal Spirt Guide card comes from Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides Oracle Cards by Steven D. Farmer Copyright 2008


Animal Spirit Guide or Helper

Chimpanzee – “Use both your intuition and your intellect to solve the problem or get answers to your questions”

Pages 36 to38

When your intuition and intellect are in harmonious accord with each other, there’s no problem that you can’t resolve. The combination emerges as creative intelligence, an elegant blend of your capacity for reasoning coupled with a deep trust in your gut feelings. In the flow of thought and action that results in resolving your question or problem this way, you may surprise yourself as to how simple and effective the answer really is.

Your intuition is actually a constellation of physical cues that response the subtle body language, voice intonations, and energetic quality of the people or situations around you, often felt in your gut but not confined to that area. It’s your instinct communicating—an aspect of your animal nature that’s cued in to your survival and growth. You can best access this instinctual wisdom by breathing slowly and steadily and focusing your attention on the physical sensations you notice.

In addition to your intuitive feelings, get more information on which to base your choices by doing some research. Consult books, the Internet, other types of oracles, and/or discuss the issue with a friend. Or you may simply need time to contemplate it. Often when you walk away from the problem or question after intensely researching it, an unexpected insight surfaces that helps you discern the best choice among the possibilities. When there’s congruity between mind and intuition, coupled with a healthy dose of patience, you tap into the deeper wisdom of Source.

Associations: Problem Solving; Agility; Insight; Wisdom; Intuition; Dexterity; Tool Making; Harmony; Intelligence; Cooperation; Laughter; Commuinication; Affextion; Playfulness