Number of Daily Emails From WOTC Are Being Reduced

Greetings Sisters, Brothers, and Guests,

I have received some emails and comments about the number of emails WOTC sends out daily. I know for me a bunch of emails that have nothing to do with me can be very annoying.

After giving this a lot of thought I have decided that the only Custom Planetary Positions that will be posted separately every day are for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. The other four will no longer be posted. You can look at the bottom of either of the Custom Planetary Positions posts for the links to find the planets positions for closer to where you live.

There will still be a Daily Journal with the tarot cards, runes, witches’ runes, ogham stave, animal spirit guide, and a daily number but added to this will be the daily correspondences, birthday horoscope, Moon Goddess’ Current Phase and a couple of other things.. There will be days that I add “Crack the Cookie”, “Buddha Says” and other divination posts brought back from when Lady Abyss ran this website.

I will do spells and printable in their own post so it is easier for you to print out.

The last post daily will be A Thought for today.

This brings us to sending only 4 or 5 daily emails to you. If you think that is still to many than please tell me which email you would like to see eliminated. If a minimum of 13 people want the same post gone; it will be history. Please let me know if what you think about all of this. This is your website to read, share, and learn from I am just the person on the keyboard bring you what you want to see on WOTC.