Witch Quickie Wednesday My Magickal Energy & Weight-loss Blend by Lady Silver Sage of witchcraftandmore.com

Merry Meet!
Yes, I almost overdosed on Palo Santo today… LOL!! ( Btw Palo Santo is not endangered in EVERY country).
Anyhow, I’ve conjured a mysteriously mighty magickal tea blend because Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are in retrograde, and as of the 20th of this month,
Jupiter and Neptune will join this mischievous crew and many people have been talking about how they’re feeling drained…low on energy…lethargic and also want to lose a few pounds. Well, it’s high time to do something about that!

I hope you enjoy the video,
Lady Silver Sage of
witchcraftandmore.com &
The Academy of International Witch-Crafting©