Missing Birthday Horoscopes for January 15 to January 25, 2021

Hi Everyone! I’ve missed not being able to bring you all the daily posts. I will be showing another Elder how to do the birthday horoscope, Northern and Southerner hemispheres current planetary positions, and current Moon phase so the next time I go into a fibromyalgia flare or something else keeps me from posting these things you will not have to wait until I come back for your birth date horoscope.

I am finally able to type without pain today I am going to catch up on the missing birthday horoscopes. I am sorry if yours was not posted on the date of your birth but these horoscope give you an outlook until your next birthday. Each birth date will be posted on the the date they fell on not today. To get to your birthday horoscope click the date on the calendar on the left side of the home page and it will take you to that specific date.

Thank you all for your patience, support, kind words, healing and understanding.